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  1. Guess who's back!!! ? ?? ?

  2. Guess who's back!!! ? ?? ?

  3. Guess who's back!!! ? ?? ?

  4. Nobody messages me anymore... Hey MLPForums creators? Ya think you and IT could see about getting a mobile app?

    1. Malinter


      i rarely get messaged either tho thats more my own fault really :P

    2. Remyx Marshall

      Remyx Marshall

      Malinter I am sooooo sorry I completely forgot about your OC drawing...

    3. Malinter


      Its ok. I think I may have actually forgotten about it as well >_<

  5. How exactly do I go about this? Do I just send in a drawing, or is there a specific procedure on how this works? Also, who do I send it to?
  6. Thank you, and remember if you have anything you want me to draw, I will be here.
  7. Okay, im not entirely sure about all this, but i am a well rounded artist when it comes to mlp, and here is my notebook...
  8. So busy with drawing that i havent had time to get back on... i have requests piled out the back door, so many people love my art!

  9. Who's up for talking? I need somepony to talk to...

  10. NP arctic it was a pleasure
  11. Has it occurred to anypony else that a majority of bronies and pegasisters listen to dubstep as well???

  12. And my life is complete

  13. i need a sig for octavia...

  14. I am Octavia... such a lovely song.

  15. Arctic Sunbeam, here you go. I had so much fun drawing her. keep in mind that i am taking requests, for anyone that wants them i have mores for the notebook...
  16. So like a frosty fluttershy?
  17. Its... Its so... Beautiful!!! I love it! Thank you!
  18. This is my oc back when I first started drawing his name is remyx Please take care of him.
  19. I will do my best for you and arctic What personality is arctic, so I know how to draw her as?
  20. if anypony wants me to draw them an OC, I will be more than happy to add it to my book
  21. So I've decided to release my first mlp drawings, both real character and oc, to the world, and here they are. I hope you enjoy!
  22. Can you make me a chibi? I really like your work and it would be AWESOME if u could draw me up one. I'm looking for specs right now...
  23. I'm planning a party for August first... HELP ME PINKIE PIE!!!

    1. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      Pinkie is on her way!

    2. Remyx Marshall
    3. Remyx Marshall

      Remyx Marshall

      I need food and music ideas...


  24. Remyx Marshall


    So recently I have decided... Y'all know the book I was writing, right? The one about mlp and the chapter where twilight was in a cave? Well, I scrapped it. The reason why is because I have found it so much easier to write in first person pov. That, and I wanted to make and equestria girls book, but I deponified it by renaming the characters. The end result... If I wasn't the one writing it, I would be blown away by its awesomeness. Later I will post the prologue of my newest book, The Clearest Skies.