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  1. I see what you did there... I don't know if I like what you did there.
  2. Oh dear, I seem to have summoned Threadlord Zyrael. What has science done? Has science gone too far? You have no idea just how cool I can be. Imagine flying laser sharks with monocles and handlebar mustaches being punched by some big, muscley Australian dude on the far side of the moon. Now multiply that by seven. That is just how cool I can be.
  3. I've never forgotten you, Times. I remember that we had a great time back in the day, doing things like posting the dankest of memes and making clones of each other... No, wait. That was just me making clones. Anyways, I claim this Win for the Crimson Syndicate! (Also, welcome back!)
  4. Quick post! Better than the last one. AND I'M OUT! *Flies away*