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  1. Sabrina LeCutie

    Rarity Fan Club

    Hello Rarity Fan Club! It's been a long time! Source:
  2. I've finally discovered myself for who I really am. Proud trans girl, representing!

    1. yayayayayala :3
    2. TheRockARooster


      Congratulations, wishing you nothing but the best.

    3. xX_PinkDragon_Xx


      Congratulations, Sabrina! I will wish you the best!

  3. Momo is best smart girl <3

    1. Mohawk Blaze

      Mohawk Blaze

      Also happy burfday

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. Sabrina LeCutie

    Spoiler Songbird Serenade fan club

    Oh my gosh I love this character so much! Her design is gorgeous, her voice is gorgeous, she's one of my new favorites <3
  6. Sabrina LeCutie

    Moon Dancer Fan Club

    I do wish that Moon Dancer would appear in more episodes. She is one of my absolute favorites, after all.
  7. Sabrina LeCutie

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Ah, Pinkie. Even today, when a lot of my time in the fandom has scarred me, you are still a bright ray of sunshine to warm my soul. I always did love you and your adorable antics.
  8. Sabrina LeCutie

    Rarity Fan Club

    It's quite ironic that Rarity used to be my least favorite, and she shot up to my favorite (alongside Pinkie) with time. Always happy to drop support for the most eloquent pony in all of Equestria.
  9. Sabrina LeCutie

    Was The Perfect Pear worth waiting for?

    I haven't had these kinds of feels with MLP in a long time... so my goodness, yes it was worth it. I cried for the first time in so long at it... Once again, bringing my love for the show back full force.
  10. Sabrina LeCutie

    Are there any old users still active here?

    I wouldn't say I'm particularly old but I guess some people might remember me from when I used to be "Pinkie Pie Rules." Joined the fandom over three years ago, and while my love of the show is still strong, my love of some facets of the fandom is not (and I watch other cartoons too now.) I haven't been active in about a year, possibly more, though I do lurk and log in at least once a day. I keep telling myself I want to come back here, between my job, my YouTube channel, and other life things I often don't have the time to spend here. But one thing is for sure - I miss the days when I first joined, when everyone was so nice. Before the drama, before the pain. Lots of my friends who used to be active are long gone, though I have kept my ties with my best friend from here. I'm still gonna try and be more active.
  11. So I've been a fan for two or three years now, and back when I first started watching the show, I was absolutely beyond obsessed with it. The characters, the animation, the stories - I loved it so much, and I loved the fandom just as much. Between awesome music tracks like "Discord" and "Join the Herd," awesome fan games like Fighting is Magic and My Little Investigations,, and amazing animations, I fell in love with what the fandom could do. I even met tons of wonderful new friends who accepted me for me, and a wonderful girlfriend (though it ended awhile back, it was on good terms and we are still the best of friends.) Unfortunately, I fell into a crowd that maybe it would have been better to avoid. Sure, I met lifelong friends there, but I discovered a side of the fandom darker than I had before seen. People who treat their fellow fans like garbage, use filthy names, act like they are the high-and-mighty, and slander another pony's name for their own personal gain... it was a dark time for me. An abusive relationship brought about in this crowd, slander of my name - I wanted to leave and be done with this place. But eventually, all that needless drama finally calmed down, and I attended my biggest convention ever, with my first time ever leaving the Tri-State Area: BronyCon 2016. I had an amazing time, met some of my friends from the internet, and it reignited my love of the fandom. But then... ...more drama struck over silly issues, with the same people, and it continues to haunt me sometimes. But with BronyCon 2017 on the way, with me attending once again this year and even more of my dearest friends going as well, I've been searching for why I stick around. The friends are a big part, as is the show - but my love of the show isn't quite as strong as it used to be (though it is still very strong.) On my Youtube Channel I branched out to become more than just a pony creator and discovered new cartoons I love like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, The Loud House, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I would have never tried them if not for MLP. But regardless, I still question why I would remain in a toxic community - but then, I watched a video tonight from - and hearing one of my favorite fan pieces, Twilight Sparkle's theme from Fighting is Magic, brought about a wave of nostalgia from my early days, and I remembered all the great things about this fandom - all the friends I've made, the show I love, the people I've met, the conventions I've gone to - meeting Tabitha St. Germaine and Andrea Libman, and Michelle Creber, and I realized.... ...the community isn't so toxic after all. Just a certain subsect of it. While I've tried to avoid it, some conflict is inevitable. And that's ok. It's here where I've made so many memories which I think fondly of. And as I look at my collection of pony merch above my TV, I can only think of one thing... "I'm Proud to be a Brony."
  12. Sabrina LeCutie

    What makes people think Spice Up Your Life is racist?

    Because people on the Internet get triggered and will call anything racist
  13. Sabrina LeCutie

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    I'm sad to say I've been falling out of my faith a lot as of late, and I'm trying to rebuild my relationship with God to what it once was. I'm filled with shame and regret for my actions, and I humbly ask for your prayers, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...
  14. Sabrina LeCutie

    Rarity Fan Club

    I'm pretty proud of the delightful Rarity print I got at BronyCon, signed by Tabitha St. Germain herself.
  15. Sabrina LeCutie

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    It's a shame I'm not as active as I once was. Still a huge fan, still love Pinkie Pie and Rarity.