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  1. then what is the last post, what is it going to be?
  2. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/340761/whos-your-daddy (Rated Teen with some talk of sex but isn't NSFW) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/338040/derpys-faking-it (Rated for Everyone) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/335701/lightheaded (Same as Above) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/336359/princess-luna-inherits-canada (Same as Above) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/333836/somepony-tries-to-sell-twilight-insurance (Same as Above) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/339792/death-note-alight-equestria (Rated T with Gore) Some of them might have poorly written parts and the last one is a multiple chapter and I don't know exactly what you like so all of the E's have comedy in them.
  3. I don't know of anything that you would like then, they're are some one shots which are good so you don't have to worry about poorly written parts (unless the chapter is like 10,000 words) but otherwise I don't know.
  4. Yes they need their horns to cast magic, they can't do without it. We're shown this by season 3 episode 1 where Shining Armor's horn gets corrupted by black crystals making it impossible to cast anything, and from what we've seen a spell has to reach the tip of their horns before casting it, there's a whole theory saying that all races have magic, since Earth ponies don't have horns or wings the magic is channeled into their body thus giving them a somewhat super strength, and since pegasi don't have a horn it is what makes them fly, unicorns channel it into their horn, since alicorn have more magic then most ponies it channels it into their wings, body, and horn. Weather you believe the theory or not is your decision but given the proof from S:3 EP:1 as well as other episodes I can say that in my head canon unicorns need their horns to cast, just like pegasi need their wings to fly.
  5. I shall continue from my other post, and TheImmortalLegendG touched on, Could you argue that Rainbow Dash has the hardest job of them all, having to fly across Equestria, performing ariel shows, having to keep learning new routines, and she has to serve as a big sister to Scootaloo as well as making it home so she can spend time with all her friends and Tank. Couldn't you argue that Pinkie Pie has the hardest job of them all having to keep folders and tabs on everyone to remember what they like and she plans years ahead. And she has to throw the parties as well as she has to be the entertainment and has to cook the food, as well as has to be a baker for Sugarcube Corner and other stuff. And yet they all have to be ready on a whim if they are needed to save the world of Equestria since their leader can't do anything. So couldn't you argue that all of them have hard jobs, but the only thing I've seen here is that Rarity and Apple Jack have the hardest jobs of the two, yeahhhh, say that when Ponyville gets absolutely demolished because Twilight signs the wrong bill.
  6. I love how everyone on here is saying Rarity and Apple Jack are the most hardworking people out of the main six, when in all truth, they're not. Sure they have hard jobs, but those hard jobs are just like any other pony in the main six. Couldn't you argue that Twilight has the hardest job out of the bunch since she has to make diplomatic decisions and has to teach two students, one which she doesn't exactly have exact access to, not to mention since she basically became the super mayor of Ponyville she has to make sure businesses stay in business and she has to manage a library by herself along with having to make enough money to provide for herself and Spike. Could you also argue that Fluttershy has the hardest job of them all as she basically owns a pet clinic and being a veterinarian at that clinic and if she doesn't know something about a disease or a new species has been discovered she has to make enough money to completely update all her books on a specific subject, such as her books about what types of animals and creatures they have in their world, and the fact that she has to supply for all the pets in her house/clinic and if she's trying to do surgery on an animal if she makes one mistake she could potentially kill the animal and she also has to singlehandedly organize events such as the pet adoption event in Filli Vanilli. That's just a few examples I'll post or edit more in but my battery is dying.
  7. @eps-3-freak "Fine I'll let you read the book if you want to, however it may not even be there, the location spells may have messed up anyway" Soundwave said "However if we do find it I get to read it first then I'll give it to you that way I can confirm it's the book I was looking for. Are you fine with that?"
  8. Anyone still active? Will we be restarting the RP or not? Cause I need to know just in case.
  9. Title says it all, now I'm just going to keep typing until I have twenty words which should be now.
  10. Yeah, just because someone doesn't have the same opinion as you means they have bad taste. Also you have a typo.
  11. There's the whole theory which states that Spike's egg didn't actually have life in it but Twilight was so shocked by the Rainboom that she essentially created life, so in it Spike is Twilight's creation.
  12. Simply put, No. If we look at the show from HasBro's perspective the show makes too much money to be shut down. If we look at it from a writer's perspective there are too many places gone undeveloped and too many ideas. Looking at this from a fan perspective, the show is too good. And looking at this from someone's view, if the show get shuts down a lot of people in or outside of the MLP show staff will lose their job, mainly people which only report on MLP. Ultimately we have to look at MLP 4th Gen as this way, HasBro has stated (a couple years ago or so, so give or take on the actual number) they have planned the MLP marketing for the next 15-25 years, and so if they expect to reach that MLP has to develop into one of those shows which has 10+ seasons. So will it come to that, I don't know we'll have to wait and see. As for the movie, multiple great shows have movies established to the plot of the storyline, if MLP doesn't have this then it can be considered a great show, but a movie will give it more value, especially with the sales and fan base, when the movie releases I expect to have every place showing the movie full with people, generating a ton of sales, and that, in a business standpoint (again) gives a show a lot of value. Also, we think that the ending will call to us as if the show says "And me I had more fun" but no, maybe the ending is implied, or maybe HasBro likes to allow you to create your own endings, with the MLP fandom, that would be tremendous to us, that way no fan-fiction authors have any limits, say a fimfic writer wants another big adventure, they can do that, anything can happen if the show doesn't end, so weather they end it or not, it's ultimately their choice.
  13. Okay got it. Just have to wait for more people though 6 spots still open for the six ponies being sent out of the shelter. Your's technically doesn't count as a spot taken up for the fact there are six ponies being sent out of the shelter and yours is already on the outside.
  14. I vote for Lauren Faust to come back. The episodes she wrote in were somewhat adventurous and she basically created the entire world of MLP. If she did come back I bet we would be seeing a lot more adventure and fun episodes instead of the somewhat (what I consider) cringe-y episodes we get now.