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  1. This is my best one yet
  2. This arguing is making me wanna scream anyway my point is that would be a good idea but it would make a lot more trouble for the voice actors and the date of the movie originally coming out would be at least 1-3 months later
  3. Happy Birthday :D :D *Hugs* :D :D I hope you have a wonderful day :D :D

  4. Sorry it's taking so long sore throat
  5. The outfits on the poster won't be used like rainbow rocks and friendship games
  6. I could but need more details... ^-^
  7. I use Abode Ideas really easy to use. It's free and really really simple.
  8. Here's the cover I could change it to Sci-Twi if you want. I was meant to do both of them but they wouldn't fit so what do you think? P.S this is my first time trying to do Sunset Shimmer :3
  9. No Problem probably the voices will come tomorrow with the artwork
  10. Crystal prep forever P.S OC came to life <3 CrystalMidnight
  11. I can do sci twi if u want I can also do the artwork for the cover (if it is one)
  12. Here's some I made today
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