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  1. This arguing is making me wanna scream anyway my point is that would be a good idea but it would make a lot more trouble for the voice actors and the date of the movie originally coming out would be at least 1-3 months later
  2. Happy Birthday :D :D *Hugs* :D :D I hope you have a wonderful day :D :D

  3. The outfits on the poster won't be used like rainbow rocks and friendship games
  4. I use Abode Ideas really easy to use. It's free and really really simple.
  5. Here's the cover I could change it to Sci-Twi if you want. I was meant to do both of them but they wouldn't fit so what do you think? P.S this is my first time trying to do Sunset Shimmer :3
  6. No Problem probably the voices will come tomorrow with the artwork
  7. Crystal prep forever P.S OC came to life <3 CrystalMidnight
  8. I can do sci twi if u want I can also do the artwork for the cover (if it is one)
  9. Well Principal Cinch forced twilight to "Unleash the Magic" turning her into an overpowered she-demon just like sunset. But then when sunset got magic again she turned into Daydream Shimmer. That means when you learn the magic of friendship the powers of magic have different side-effects instead of it using evil magic to control your whole body. Right?