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  1. just watched nintendo's E3 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  3. Wii Master Race

  4. Bernie Sanders for Super Smash Bros

  5. assassin's creed odyssey ripped off super mario odyssey

  6. who needs skull and bones if you have wind waker

    1. Minuette Feri

      Minuette Feri

      Heck yeah! *Breaks all of my bones and skull* ouch..... That hurt :(

  7. oh boi quake champions is free

  8. Skyrim for Alexa confirmed

  9. skyrim for wii u when

    1. Kyoshi


      Not before it comes out on Smartwatch.

  10. actually a really good conference by microsoft ngl

  11. Skyrim for Game Sphere when

  12. Microsoft's E3 Press Conference is tomorrow, you know what that means.


    1. Kai-rouken


      Wait what?? I thought the conferences started on the 12th :o 

  13. ExpitheCat

    Best and worst episode of each season of mlp

    Season 1: Best: Suited for Success Worst: Boast Busters Season 2: Best: Hurricane Fluttershy Worst: Putting Your Hoof Down Season 3: Best: Sleepless in Ponyville Worst: One Bad Apple Season 4: Best: Rarity Takes Manehattan Worst: Rainbow Falls Season 5: Best: Lost Treasure of Griffonstone Worst: The Hooffields and the McColts Season 6: Best: Saddle Row Review Worst: Newbie Dash Season 7: Best: The Perfect Pear Worst: Honest Apple Season 8: Best: The Parent Map Worst: Non-Complete Clause