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  1. Bored. I've been asleep for 3 hours and woke up spontaneously at 9 PM, and there's very little to do.
  2. Piss off the users on Meez. It's quite a humorous experience. Listening to music through my hi-fi at maximum volume, too.
  3. SCP-1981. Unless Betamax players are produced in equestria somehow, everypony's probably safe.
  4. Audioslave. Nice choice.
  5. 'F I'm with my friends, I'll curse like a (SINE WAVE)ing witch on (SINE WAVE) with ((SINE WAVE)ING WAVE). Like... That's a fuckload of profanity.
  6. More PSB it is then, MLP Forums.
  7. Woo, I'm humankin! Or something along the lines of that.
  8. Provided I have a PC handy, I'll stay up until, say... 2 AM.
  9. Justice - Civilizaton "The beater of a million drums, the fire of a million drums, the mother of a million sons... CIVILIZATION."
  10. I used to chug down Lucozade like Billy Mays' carpet chugs down OxiClean. Then I found out about Mountain Dew, it's just wonderful. And then, one day, I came home with a can 'o Rockstar, and then I was banned from all energy drinks. ALL OF 'EM. So now I'm stuck with Tizer and that Sodastream-brand... "Root Beer". But I love root beer. It's wonderful.
  11. My people have been given the rather apt name of "Grumpy old conservatives".
  12. Franz Ferdinand (C'mon, Right Action or Take Me Out?), monitors (I agree, CRTs are awesome.), video formats (VHS > DVD), and... Computers. The C64 was awesome, and so was the Altair 8800.