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  1. there is truble in equestria we must help to protect it from all the dangers that want it for them selfs several ponys need to rise up agains the vilens and save there home who will they be and will they be able to do it all the ponys in equestrua are hoping so because If they don't equestria will be taken over and they and inslaived good luck to those ponys but on the way they might fined somthing strange what will that be, will they stay to gether or will they split up after or juring there andentur lets hope if they do they fined a way to get back together and hope they don't in the first place as well. There adventur will start in Ponyville where they will meat and the dangers will make them selfs known the main six will have tried to stop them befor they got to ponyvill but got captured so it is also up to the ponys to save them let's hope they are ok. This is the link so you can sine up i will open it up again wen I thinke we need more people and you will fined the rules there as well Ok just to say this is my first rp on this forum so if I make any mistakes pleas tell me so i can improve thank you
  2. How do u make everyone know u are not looking for anymore people for ur rp?

    1. catnet


      Change the title for the topic where people could join to something like 'Adventure rp [no longer accepting]' :)

  3. How do u make everyone know u are not looking for anymore people for ur rp?

  4. No it isn't that good as a time for me ether I was just geting ahead of myself
  5. Ok stormrider I like ur oc and I approve u i will start the rp now and add people wen they want to join
  6. Ok thanks for the tip i will try and get on that
  7. Ok this is my oc hop u like it
  8. Hi I'm planing an adventure rp there isn't a stop point realy nor a target to get to if you are not good with that tipe of rp pleas don't ask to join. Now the rules If you want to add somthing to ur oc just fined a way to ad it on and it is fine If there is anything u want to ad to the rp u can just make shore u know everything about it so we understand it ok And finaly NO! Swearing OK! We are fine that then u are welcome My oc is on the page pleas take ur time making ur choice if u want in Also **will be used for movements and describing what you are doing like *think*. And () for like if you have to go somewhere so like(got to go) just to tell everyone the reason you won't be replying ok This link Leeds to the real rp