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    Hello there everyone, bonjour~ =3

    My name is Roie, or you can call me by my username abbreviation, "BC". As an artist, I use graphite pencils for traditional sketches, and I use Photoshop as a mouse-user for digital drawings. I am a simple "nerd" and an artist living in the Philippines who is highly influenced by the outside countries instead of home. And usually what I do with my introverted life is ponder for ideas, and drawing them out.

    I'm practically more active and updated in my DeviantArt page, so go visit there if you want to see more of my drawings.

    Thank you for reading~ =3

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  1. Thank you all so much guys~ I'm really happy that you like my style and the cuteness value~ x3 Heheh~ I'm sorry if it does look that contrasted to your liking ^^; But yeah, this is how I shade my drawings. I like it when the lighting and shades are emphasized.
  2. Does it cost anything to get an OC drawing thing like you do with all the other drawings?

    1. BuizelCream


      Well, yes, it does cost. In my DA account, I opened point commissions, but it's closed for now. Maybe soon I'll think of opening again.

  3. Thanks~ =D I'm happy you like these ^w^ Heheh I'm glad you like it anyways =3 Thank you so much~ ^w^ I'm glad you like my style =) Well, it's okay if you can't say more about my work. I'm just glad you like them anyways Thanks a lot~
  4. What am I saying? I draw stallions a lot anyways. I love stallions because I find them cute. But I guess I can say this because I usually draw my own stallion OCs a lot, and drawing other stallions OCs and background ponies give me new things to practice on. I find it fun to be able to experiment different styles of them. Primarily it's about their looks. Anyways, down below are all of my recent drawings of stallions I've been doing, mostly thanks to DA point commissions. I've been kinda inactive here because I was lazy updating, so thanks to that, there will be lots of art I have to show for you guys. Hope you all like it all~ And I'm pretty sure it would be hard to pick a favorite. I really love all of these myself. X3 AppleFlip (NickyVMLP's OC) Lightning Rider (My own OC) CloudZapper as a little colt (CloudZapper8's OC) Spark Feather (South-Fur's OC) Lucky Clover (Background Pony) Noxy *left* (Equinox-art's OC) & Windy Dripper *right* (Echorilec's OC)
  5. Oooh wow~ These are really adorable works~ =D
  6. Thank you so much!~ This really means to me ^w^ Ponies look great when they smile for the camera~ I'm really glad you like the lighting =3 They're tough to maintain for me, ^^; I still need some time to get used to this technique. Thanks a lot~ Thank you~ I'm glad you like it =3 Thank you so much~ ^w^ Thunderlane is one of my most favorites there as well, trying to give him a laid-back, yet handsome expression. =3 Thankies!~ ^w^ I'm glad you like my work Thunderlane just looks awesome~ I honestly needed to get used to these shadings still, because they're really tough to handle, but I'm really glad you said that though
  7. I thought it would a be fun thing experimenting on faces and expressions and stuff, so I made a batch of smile shots for two of my OCs, and two canon characters. I chose them because, aside that I included my OCs, those two stallions are one of my most favorites, even though they're just background characters. Yeah, it was loads of fun doing these, as well as spending lots of effort on trying to maintain the quality I wanted for these icons. I wanted to make more, but these took me like a week to finish just four, and I had to move onto newer projects eventually. However if you're interested, in my Deviantart account (www.buizelcream.deviantart.com) I will be opening pony commissions, and these icons will be available to choose for commissions, either you want me to draw your OC or somepony from the canon series. So anyways, I hope you enjoyed what I made so far, and probably I'll be making more soon. You can only probably recognize Thunderlane from the entire four, but still, I hope you like the rest. Lightning Rider (OC) Thunderlane Mercury (a.k.a. Starry Eyes according to the official MLP cards) SwiftDust (OC)
  8. Thank you so much~ ^w^ I'm really happy you enjoyed this art =3 I'm glad you like my buildings and stuff ^w^ It does take some time to correctly analyze perspectives. I've finished graphics class in high school and in my architecture course, so I guess that's where I knew all of making buildings. Heheh, how do hooves work? XDDD Thanks a lot for liking my art anyways~! =3 Thank you so much~ I'm happy you liked my work ^w^ I'm glad you were able to like the scenery and feeling and sorts Thank you for liking my art Thank you~ I'm really happy you like it ^w^
  9. I'm just glad that you were able to critique my work to be honest. You really shared your point, and I can see some errors myself even. x3 I wish I could have done better, but I guess you may need to know that this was all done using only a computer mouse though. I don't have a tablet, so my efforts were harder when I made this. ^^; I do have some reasons why the outcome resulted to that though, at least to say something about my perspectives from some of your critiques. =3 The muzzle does not have any depth to it. Because of the shading done, it seems like the muzzle is flat. There needs to be adjustment with shading in order to make it realistic with the direction of the lighting.(I could have possibly made some twitches to correct that earlier. It took me a while to realize that it seemed to look flat to be honest. x3 However, my intentions were supposedly this; the sunlight is coming not exactly from Swift's front, but most likely more than 20 degrees to his left. The shadowing of the floor tells the direction, which is maybe why the lighting is thin on the snout part I guess, eventually it broaden out when you look from the snout to the forehead. I could have done even more light shadings to "curven" up those effects on his snout to improve it. Maybe next time I'll take more notice. ) If one looks closer to the reflection in the window, it is clearly shown that it is a copy of the pony from the side which the light is not shown as much. The reflection should have a difference in which there is more lighting(less shading) on the hand of the pony and maybe a bit more brightness.(I wish I never had became quite lazy about this, [or I wish the computer could have kept up to avoid lags because of lots and lots of layers]. I just wished I did a little more effort on the reflection like you said, with more lighting. I knew all about this, ...but the performance was interfered a little, so I wasn't able to give my best effort on that little detail. Oh gosh ^^; I'll try harder next time. x3) From an artistic perspective, two lines or curves should never be touching. The curves from the steam of the coffee are in line with the curves on the jacket of the pony. This is a big no-no in the artistic world.(Honestly, I failed to understand what you really mean in this one. Did you mean that the steam line covered the curves of the jacket? What I can see is that the steam is covering the reflection of the character's jacket from the glass, not the actual one ) The end of the tail(or close to it) should not have as much lighting as the part being exposed to the lighting. It is clearly in a shading zone because of its positioning related to the light source.(I was actually trying to give off an effect where the end strands of the hair is still brightly lit because of its thinness of mass. The darkest parts are the ones in the middle, not the front and end, same goes with his mane; like this shown in this picture [http://favim.com/orig/201106/16/beautiful-girl-hair-pretty-sun-sunlight-Favim.com-78680.jpg] I guess I may have failed it to make it look convincing, but then again I tried. ) There should be some shadowing from the coffee cup upon the chest of the pony because of the position and the reference of the light source.(Comparing to the direction of the shadows from the floor, I guess I wasn't able to do this when I was finishing the drawing ^^; I should have tried at least to add it though because it could have been a really nice shadowing effect, and emphasis ) Again, I could have tried better, but even after noticing all the errors, I'm seem satisfied myself, and I'm really glad that you are too Still, I really thank you for the critique. Makes me want to take notice on even more details for future projects. Well, his mane style is actually influenced from Button Mash's and Rainbow Blitz's I'm glad you like my effort in this one. =3 And yeah, I'm sorry if it seems like that to some people xDD for me however, I guess I just can't really see it that way. Still, I wish I could have noticed even more. x3 Thanks so much~ =3 I'm really happy that you liked this and all =3 I wish I could have pointed that odd part of his snout myself. ^^;
  10. I really love the lightings you did with this one. She looks really gorgeous~
  11. I'm glad you like the drawing~ Hmm.. yeah, it does look more like a shirt x3 I think I call it a 'pajamas' because he only wears that black, long-sleeved polo shirt for sleeping at night He's an OC of mine who constantly wear clothes, usually anything that's black, so he'd wear something different in the day and every event else.
  12. Okay Well, particularly this is his final color palette after I did some revamping to his design sometime a month ago I think. So yeah x3
  13. Thank you so much~ I'm glad you liked the way I draw Flash in action, yeah
  14. It's alright I'm glad you like my art anyways~ Thanks so much I'm glad you like the effort i put into this x33 Yeah, I also thought of that same thing too when I was drawing this one, but it doesn't seem distracting at all It was tough to pick the right color palette of SwiftDust to be honest, mostly because he's a red pegasus, and I find red ponies hard to have the right color combinations while trying to make him unique from other red ponies in the show and fandom.