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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Join us on a server of magical ponies with crazy adventures! Pony Province has a variety of perks, items and addons that no other server has! Other Great Features: Regenerated Health: No need for a doctor to heal you. If you have enough stamina, your health will regenerate! Bitcoin: Regular printers are a thing of the past. Bitcoin collector and Bitcoin miner is the way to the future. Chill Ponies: Not much of a roleplayer? Only want to hang out with friends, build amazing art or contraptions? Or you want to have more private RPs? We have all those jobs lined up so you dont have to worry about pesky raids. Updates: Pony Province staff is always looking to add, improve and optimize the server to give the best experience for every user. Website: Steam Group: Discord:
  3. As much as I would love to apply, it doesn't put bread on the table. But I wish the best for all.
  4. Love: Creativity (too many stories tend to run the same plot over and over) descriptive(one of the key elements to a good story is that the reader can easily put him self into the story and seethe world around them) Hate: No pacing (too many stories seem to jump a lot at a quick pace and readers can't even comprehend what is going on), Commonly used story arcs(too many, I died and became pony or i got sucked into a screen and now I'm in ponyville. Beginning middle and end all the same or similar story and really gets annoying but if you spice it up like The Lost Element or Five Scores divided by Four and get creative with your work then you will see an actual story worth taking a look at)
  5. Name: Cuddle Heart (aka Cuddleshy; The Cursed Angel) Age: 22 (cursed of immortality over 3000 years ago) Relationship: Princess Platinum (Mother) Cutie Mark: cursed to be unseen Powers: Low Level Unicorn Magic, Type 4: Angelic Magic, Type 7 Angelic Strength (when enraged) Personality: Generally scared and shy but when she warms up to others "acts her age". History: Born as a pegasus from the royal unicorn family, cuddle heart was treated like a servant and later banished at age 3 during the last months of the great blizzard. She accidentally stumbles into a unicorn colt known as sombra who decides to curse her with immortality as well to forever wear foals attire for eternity and was casted near what is known as now the Crystal Empire but before she could reach help, she fell through the ice and lost a wing and froze there and no one to save her. Millenniums she finally gave up hope and anger enraged her to turn into a beast and break through. She launched into the air and landed into tartarus and scared a three headed dog (#oopsihopethatwasntimportant). Later she regained her originally form and walked to a small town of Ponyville who never saw such a site of an adult mare with no cutie mark and wearing foalish clothing. Soon ponies were concern of their children and ousted her out. The harassment surged through and once again changed her into her beast form and went into the Everfree to nearly wiping out the Timberwolves from existence. The next day, the main six decides to investigate a fire that appeared in the everfree only to find burnt timber and a mare who was covered in ash and splinters. After discovering her past Twilight decides to bring Cuddle Heart to the other Princesses. They all judged her and though she had dark energy, they all sought that with training, she can control it with proper guidance and over the first two years she became the Princesses' Apprentice and was given title as princess but decided to open up the first Adult Foal shop after discovering that there were those who liked what she did not see she had all along. She later found herself enjoying the comfort and began a chain of stores in big cities and one in Ponyville.
  6. Luna and SaintCrusade share alot in common but one thing that they have in common that made them a couple is their past mistakes. Luna turned against her sister and was corrupted by jealousy and SaintCrusade ran away from his home and royal title, causing the town and its ponies to trapped in stone. When Saint first asked her to be his special somepony, she denied him, saying that she was not worthy because she betrayed him, but Saint told her that she was not the only one who had sin. Both having experiences and sympathy, they saw a spark under the moon.
  7. That's quite the stress you have on there. How much do you profit on? Nice, do you plan on working for NASA or some military company? Shooting for the stars, eh?
  8. just drew this for fun. Super Saiybian STR vs. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.
  9. Yes, I am working on the designs as stated in my previous post and here is a sneak peek of one of my drawings.
  10. Any Brony here an Engineer? If so, What major?
  11. I'd prefer the Angelic Element and help cleanse the Earth with Michael and Gabriel