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    I'm pretty much an artist. Other than MLP I really enjoy anime and other Japanese stuff. :3

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  1. Isn't "Pinkie Pie" just a nickname she gave herself because she thinks it suits her better or something?
  2. Yeah, that's true. I don't think the sequel is going to be that good actually, I've seen the clips from it and..well, the songs aren't as good and those designs...NO. But I'll watch it for the characters, they seem to have some pretty great moments.
  3. Okay, so most people hate Equestria Girls. And I can totally see why. BUUUUUT, I don't. I actually like it. And I thought I'd share my reason with you. First off, the biggest reason that makes me like the actual show is the characters. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? IT'S THE SAME CHARACTERS IN THE MOVIE OH MY GOSH But also, I saw a video from some kind of panel from a con. Sadly I can't find that video, but they said something about that Equestria Girls is based on US. We keep making human-fanart, so Hasbro went like "Oooh, so THAT'S what they want!" And BOOM, we had EG. And then I noticed that a lot more than that is based on us bronies. First off, the opening: The song/remix is totally inspired by the remixes we make, and the video reminds you of videos we make, too. And then, they keep making references to us bronies the whoooole movie. You'll have to check that out yourself And I guess I've just always liked these kind of shitty things... And of course it still has it's child-based parts too. I mean, it's still about a toy for little girls after all.
  4. I don't know what to say...SO PINKIE PIE GIF! Really, I just love this gif.
  5. I will be sure to check in here often~
  6. Hah, Discord surely is amazing~ I'll check those clubs out, thank you for your suggestion ^^ Thank you mate ;3 you can never get enough of the pink.
  7. 0.5. Discord 1. Pinkie Pie 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Fluttershy 4. All of the others ~
  8. I wish I could watch it, but I don't have Hub... So instead, I'M GONNA HAVE MY OWN MAREATHON!
  9. Even Twilight couldn't defeat Tirek alone. But Rarity just..doesn't fit as the "leader" of the mane 6.
  10. LEAST favorite? I don't even know... Let me think... Nope, I don't even know who is my least favorite.
  11. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: A PARTY! Well, I got banned because I was too young...but now I'm 13, so I thought I'd make a new topic, since it was 77 ago I got banned. AM I TOO YOUNG FOR EVERYPONY!? DO YOU HATE ME BECAUSE I'M SO YOUNG!? *cries* Anyway, I just love ponies. And Discord even more. But really, Pinkie is amazing. I wanted to talk about ponies and get brony friends, so here I am!
  12. *ahem*, I got banned. Or something like that. Because I'm such a young little filly. BUT NOW I'M 13, SO NOW I'LL BE JOINING YOU!