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  1. I will add this to my desktop for suresies
  2. hirito

    HoofSounds is great

    I didn't know there was a desktop version, I may have to go download it because that does seem more "Me" on my desktop although the app is handy for my laptop
  3. hirito

    HoofSounds is great

    Especially if you're not big on chrome apps, it's something you don't remember a lot and just end up going to radios instead, but it's handy if you remember it.
  4. hirito

    HoofSounds is great

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to see how a lot of other people feel about Hoofsounds. I really thought it was a neat use of the chrome app capability. Also the fact I can arrange the radios and have a volume control helps out a ton. I don't really see much use for the video stream part, but maybe it's because I don't typically watch streams as much. What are some other thoughts/agreements on it?
  5. hirito

    Read this for a hug.

    And then the hugs were had and everyone enjoyed it
  6. hirito

    Welcome to the Ponyville Live! Forums :D

    Glad to see this section up and running! It's gonna be great
  7. hirito

    S02:E20 - It's About Time.

    This episode got me into MLP so kudos to this episode! Also, the fact that there is a 2 year long discussion on episodes is incredible! I already am starting to really like these forums.
  8. hirito

    Hi! I will introduce myself.

    Hiya! Also you're right in picking the best pony as the favorite pony.
  9. hirito

    Sup everyling!

    Shoutout to Auzzie, welcome!
  10. hirito

    Yo, what up?

    Pretty much doing the same thing, and this seems like a great way to do that
  11. hirito

    Hey what's up

    One of many friend, better late than never
  12. hirito


    redacted, deleted, removed