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  1. I've been a fan of MLP the longest (I think about three or even four years), and I always come back to it even after taking a break. There's also Attack on Titan, which I've been following for two years or so, and the anime Hetalia, something I've been watching since middle school which introduced me to the wonderful world of fandoms and fan fiction.
  2. frecklesareblooming

    Would you buy a very huge plushie pony ?

    Yep! I love pony plushes and a huge one would be fun to cuddle with~ I already have a fairly large one of Rainbow Dash and I love her.
  3. frecklesareblooming

    come up with a useless superpower

    The ability to communicate with dinosaurs.
  4. Rotting in a Computer Chair and Panicking About Your Future: A Self-Help Book
  5. frecklesareblooming

    Do you like having long hair?

    No, I haven't, but I'll be sure to check it out. Anything that can make my day less painful is good news for me! Thanks~!
  6. I regret a seven year friendship with two different people, siblings to be exact. They usually got angry at me for every little thing and/or wanted me to choose sides when they were fighting. Plus, they never bothered to contact me and I usually had to initiate the friendship. I wasn't the perfect friend myself by any means, but I'm glad the relationship's over and I've moved on.
  7. frecklesareblooming

    Have you ever been hit on where it made you uncomfortable?

    I've only ever been hit on/asked out once, and it was preeeetty uncomfortable. Some senior in my high school asked all of his friends to approach me and ask me out for him, while he hid behind the building (very obviously) and watched. I said no and they pretty much harassed me for the rest of the school year. He even shouted at me from across the school yard to at least sleep with him. Luckily, no one else was around.
  8. frecklesareblooming

    Things you do when nervous?

    I usually sweat excessively, have horrible stomachaches (actually happened yesterday when I had to take a test at my local college), or bite my fingernails. If my nervousness completely breaks the scale, sometimes I'll even have the feeling of having to throw up.
  9. frecklesareblooming

    Do you watch fireworks?

    No. Ever since I was a kid, I've been afraid of them. I may watch them from afar (very far), but never up close. I used to think a lone spark would somehow fall on me and cause a fire.
  10. frecklesareblooming

    Would you have a relationship with a transgender person?

    Probably not. I don't have anything against trans people, but I'd rather date a female that was born a female.
  11. frecklesareblooming

    General When do you go back to school?

    I believe my eleventh grade year begins somewhere around August 20th. I'm actually pretty nervous about it, considering I'll be starting college classes.
  12. frecklesareblooming

    What is your favorite kind of potato chips?

    Cheetos are the best chip ever in my opinion, followed closely by Doritos!
  13. frecklesareblooming

    Health Do you eat healthily?

    I have been as of late. I used to have a horrible diet (fueled by root beer and fast food), and because of it, I've gained quite a lot of weight throughout the years. Now I've altered my diet, I've lost nearly 40 pounds and counting. So yeah, I do eat pretty healthily and it is very consistent.
  14. frecklesareblooming

    Food What Is Your Opinion On Doughnuts?

    I LOVE donuts. I even have a donut theme as my phone's wallpaper. My favorite kind are jelly-filled and/or creme-filled, preferably with sugar or chocolate icing. Dunkin' Donuts probably carries the best donuts ever.
  15. frecklesareblooming

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    I'm currently playing Uncharted 4.