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  1. Freikorpist Jonas
    Last time, on the 17th of December, we had our guest Bowl Licker over. He caused some ruckus, but no-where near as the current one will cause no doubt. But if you want to know more about Bowl Licker, click here. 
    Today, comes my favorite Yule lad, who is none other, but Door Slammer himself. Oh yeah, I think his name says everything  there is to know about him. He. Likes. To. Slam. Doors!! Especially at night, that asshole xD 
    The seventh was Door Slammer, 
    a sorry, vulgar chap: 
    When people in the twilight 
    would take a little nap

    I would ask you to stay tuned for the next Yule lad who arrives tomorrow on the 19th, but because I am going to Portugal today , I won't be around :). So this will have to do for now, so check out this link for the rest of the Yule lads and happy Yule everybody
  2. Freikorpist Jonas
    Last time, on the 16th of December, we hat Pot-Scraper visiting town  Check him out here . 
    But today we will be meeting Bowl Licker (Askasleikir in Icelandic), I think his name should be quite obvious. He hides under beds and waits for people to put down a special bowl known as "Askur" (a bowl with a lid on it) down and then he steals it and eats whatever he finds down there.... hopefully if it is edible. 
    Bowl Licker, the sixth one, 
    was shockingly ill bred. 
    From underneath the bedsteads 
    he stuck his ugly head.

    Stay tuned for the next Yule lad who arrives tomorrow on the 18th of December and let me tell you, he is a personal favorite of mine ;D 
  3. Freikorpist Jonas
    Last time, we had Spoon-Licker stay over with us. Check him out here. 
    Aaaaaand today comes the arrival of our fifth Yule lad, Pot-Scraper (Pottaskefill). He steals pots and scrapes for leftovers in them to eat. What a guy indeed :'D 
    Pot Scraper, the fifth one, 
    was a funny sort of chap. 
    When kids were given scrapings, 
    he´d come to the door and tap

    Stay tuned for our next Yule lad who arrives tomorrow on the 17th of December
  4. Freikorpist Jonas
    As always, another Yule lad visits town and this time it is Spoon Licker. Our last one was Stubby, be sure to check him out~
    Our fourth one is Spoon Licker (Þvörusleikir in Icelandic). He steals wooden spoons known as "þvörur" and he licks whatever is left on it. He is extremely thin due to malnutrition xD 
    The fourth was Spoon Licker; 
    like spindle he was thin. 
    He felt himself in clover 
    when the cook wasn´t in.

    The next Yule lad will arrive tomorrow on the 16th
  5. Freikorpist Jonas
    It is time for our next Yule lad. Our last one was Gully Gawk who you can see in this blog.
    Today on December the 14th comes Stúfur (Stubby) visiting town and he is quite the little fella! He likes to hide, using his small size and he will find pans to steal and scrape off any food leftovers he can find to eat. 
    Stubby was the third called, 
    a stunted little man, 
    who watched for every chance 
    to whisk off a pan.

    Stay tuned for the next Yule Lad who arrives on the 15th
  6. Freikorpist Jonas
    Well hello there people of all ages, boys and girls . This blog is about Santa Clauses. Now, many of you may be familiar with your own type of Santa Claus from your own region. However, here in Iceland, we in fact have 13 Santa Clauses, who arrive separately each night from December the 11th to December 24th, when the last one comes to town. And then they all start departing from town, one by one until January the 6th .
    Today, the Yulelads are known for being kind, bearing gifts to good children who behave, if they put their shoes by the window. However, naughty children get a potatoe, so that they will be encouraged to do more good in the future, for only kindness and goodwill is rewarded.
    But the yulelads did not use to be this way, once in the distant past, they were my country's biggest troublemakers during the Christmas season. Each of them had their own way of terrorizing the populace. Their mother and father and even their cat were no different, being one of the worst you could run into.
    Still today, children must be good and not be naughty, otherwise their mother Grýla, who is a big troll, will come with her sack, collect all the naughty children and then go back home with them and eat them. So remember, be nice or Grýla will eat you.

    The Yulecat is not a really nice creature either. If somebody does not get new pair of cloths for Christmas, the yulecat will eat those people, for not wearing good new cloths (our culture is a bit brutal and weird).

    But these blogs will be focusing on each Yulelad as they come seperately. So let us start with introducing them as a collective, shall we?
    Let me tell the story
    of the lads of few charms,
    who once upon a time
    used to visit our farms.
    They came from the mountains,
    as many of you know,
    in a long single file
    to the farmsteads below.
    Grýla was their mother
    - she gave them ogre milk -
    and the father Leppalúdi;
    a loathsome ilk.
    They were called the Yuletide lads
    - at Yuletide they were due -
    and always came one by one,
    not ever two by two.
    Thirteen altogether,
    these gents in their prime
    didn´t want to irk people
    all at one time.
    Creeping up, all stealth,
    they unlocked the door.
    The kitchen and the pantry
    they came looking for.
    They hid where they could,
    with a cunning look or sneer,
    ready with their pranks
    when people weren´t near.
    And even when they were seen,
    they weren´t loath to roam
    and play their tricks - disturbing
    the peace of the home.
    Now, the first one who comes today, would be Sheep-Cote Clod (Stekkjastaur in Icelandic)
    He is known for his stiff legs, not being able to bend them. He comes on the 11th of December, to harass sheep and steal all their milk
    The first of them was Sheep-Cote Clod.
    He came stiff as wood,
    to pray upon the farmer´s sheep
    as far as he could.

    (Stay tuned for more daily uploads of each Yulelad as the poem continues, if I miss out any days, I will make it up by including them all in one go Merry forward Christmas )
    Next entry
  7. Freikorpist Jonas
    Look..... this is going to be very hard for me to post. I know the risks of doing so.... but it has to be done. I've felt so guilty all this time and hoped that this might have been resolved quietly without any drama like last time.... like last October.... ironic.. heh... 
    I know there will be a lot of anger with all of this, but I ask people to try to react to this in the most responsible way possible. You all have the right to be angry and outraged, but please, do not let it overtake your behavior here, as we don't want to give the forum staff any extra job of having to do cleanups. 
    I have talked with @PiratePony about this and told him of what I was about to do, I have talked with other members of staff, because I did not want to wade in blind nor did I want them to be taken by surprise when I posted this. They deserve to know my full intentions here.... 
    To give a bit of a context, I was once a Global Moderator on this site (before that I was a Sectional staff member), I worked with the staff on most every matter that I could be working on here on the forums. However, there was one other who also used to do that. His name was Matey, @PiratePony. He was one of the greatest staff members to have ever worked within the forums, having been the treasurer of Poniverse as well at one point. Everything he did, it was so just and he was very understanding with everybody, very engaging and he went by the book..... and for that.... he was terminated within the staff.... 
    See, dramatic things have happened within the staff. This took place back in April. But if I had to think harder about it, this actually took place a bit before that even, when the head of Poniverse, @AppleDashPoni came up with the idea of implementing an NSWF section here on the forums. This was rejected hard by most of us on forum staff, but none were as hard opposed to it as Pirate was.... and I think that is what drew him the ire of @AppleDashPoni. The conversation was not a pleasant one, AppleDash did not seem to understand that we worked as a team and that we reached common agreement before taking an action on something. We did discuss his wish, but in the end, we declined it. 
    Let us now fast forward over to April (even though I did not mention any date previously for the NSFW discussion). Pirate was informing us of the possibilities that we might have in regards to the possible change of leadership. Nothing out of the ordinary, this was information that we should have all been aware about... he was telling us this (and just to be clear, this all took place on Skype)... and then the dreadful message of [5.4.2017 20:01:32] *** Blackjack removed PiratePony from this conversation. *** happened..... this was..... everyone in staff (at least moderators and administrators) reacted negatively to this. And I can safely say here now that no one accepted what AppleDash did and we all protested this harshly. AppleDash had taken the authority to fire Pirate, a Global Moderator, on his own volition without consulting anyone about it, not even the forum's administration. 
    Look..... I am now going to provide you with the log with both the discussion we had about it and the log which @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate "personally attacking" him and "working against the corporation's leadership". Look, when I provide you with the logs of the discussion we had within staff (Global Moderators and Administrators), you will see that some names will be presented as "Anonymous 1" or "Anonymous 2". Those are people who have either requested that their name not be shown or are people I have not been able to contact, so I will show them the dignity and respect for their privacy to not publicize their names. However, the names that will appear there are of mine and AppleDash and of those who have agreed to allow me to show their name. 
    I respect the privacy of people of not wanting to get dragged into some drama, but here come the logs of the conversation we had, though be warned, there will be missing context as I in the end leave the chat, but I have heard that the chat went on, though it was very unfruitful.... I have colored some of the names just to make it a bit easier to keep up with the conversation, on who is saying what. And when there is no space between lines, that would mean that someone is being quoated, for instance when it appears I am saying "And personal attacks, baiting, working against the corporation's leadershipFrom the example you provided, that is false. " this is actually me quoting AppleDash until it reaches "From the..." which is my reply to the quote of his words. Be aware that me editing the "anonymous" parts and putting color to names is the only edit I do. Everything else is completely untouched and raw. 
    Also, another thing to be aware of, AppleDash is actually Blackjack on Skype. That is (or was) his username at least. 
    If you are busy in any way, I suggest you keep this window open still as this might get removed, even though I have talked with the people who would have the biggest say here on the forums and I am in full right to write this. 
    The log: 

    Now, you have read the log of the conversation we all had and you can see it is all hostile. Usually we do not get so hostile, but Pirate's firing came as great shock to us all and it was too much of a surprise, it was just so surreal. To make matters worse, AppleDash did not really want to talk to us or even converse with us as a team, but rather talk to every single one of us "privately". We did not trust that, so we had the discussion within the group chat on Skype anyways because there was no way we were going to trust him with private chats. Better to keep things as transparent as possible. 
    Here is the log that @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate personally attacking him and working against the leadership. I will post it in the form of the link he himself provided as when I copy and paste it over here, it just becomes really messy. 
    Now you basically have full context of what has happened.
    I just want to say.... I did not expect things to go as they went.... 
    You will ask: "Why? Why now? Why are you bringing this up now of all times and not immediately when it happened?". 
    To be honest.... I thought this might have gotten resolved within staff. I thought that my resignation (and I was expecting more to resign) might put more pressure on AppleDash's leadership and that Pirate would get reinstated.... but... nothing has happened. AppleDash is still the head of Poniverse and PiratePony is still no longer a member of staff. He has not even been apologized to. The people I worked with.... they tried the best they could..... but they were unable to succeed. 
    So things now fall upon the forums as a whole on what type of action they want taken here. I am not trying to start some populist outrage here, but I am doing what I consider to be the right thing to do. People deserve to know about this. Considering that such a gross violation and misconduct of power has been allowed to prevail, the people of Poniverse deserve to know who is leading them. 
    Now.... I intend to lock this commenting section of this blog if I can. Now you will ask why I would do so... because last time, last October when things blew over, when threads were made detailing everything that had happened.... people did not react in the best way in the thread and the anger only grew in those threads with people letting emotion taking more and more over to the point that the staff had to start hiding posts and even hide the thread as it was just so divisive. This is why I ask you, though you can be outraged, to not violate the terms of services of this site.... we all know the rules folks... even if some of our officials and leaders may not.... This might also just be the (former) staffer in me speaking out, trying to conduct public management and trying to contain spread of chaos and... well... you already know guys, heh.... old habits die hard I guess...
    To summarize this up, Pirate was unjustly fired due to selfish reasons and the current management of Poniverse, or rather, it's current leadership, has shown itself to be untrustworthy and corrupt. Forgive me for using such strong words.... I have tried to stay as neutral in posting this whole thing.... but I think my own thoughts about this whole matter are valid as well. 
    However, @PiratePony If there is anything you wish to say upon this whole matter, I would be happy to unlock the commenting section just for you or to somehow highlight your thoughts upon this whole matter. We are all here for you man.... whether we are just public members or actual members of staff. 
    Btw if I am not able to lock the commenting section here, I ask people to please refrain from commenting here as to keep this clean as possible. Even if this whole thing I am doing here might end up doing nothing, people deserve to be informed. I invite all people who were involved in this matter, please, if you have anything more to add to this, please do so. 
    Don't shoot the messenger folks
    Jonas out! 
  8. Freikorpist Jonas
    As some of you may have known, I was terribly busy, both because of the voluntary ban for MCM (Making Christmas Merrier) and then because of my vacation to Morocco which I must say, was a really pleasant experience, and I will make a blog about that as well later
    However, I do not intend to leave you off with no information about the rest of the Yule lads. We still have 11 left to go through, so here they come (Warning: Expect a lot of photos). Link to the Previous Yule lad, Gully Gawk
    The third up, is Stubby (Stúfur in Icelandic). Stubby is a very dwarfish/small lad, who steals pans and eats the crust out of them
    Stubby was the third called,
    a stunted little man,
    who watched for every chance
    to whisk off a pan.
    Our fourth one is Spoon Licker (Þvörusleikir in Icelandic). He steals wooden spoons known as "þvörur" and he licks whatever is left on it. He is extremely thin due to malnutrition
    The fourth was Spoon Licker;
    like spindle he was thin.
    He felt himself in clover
    when the cook wasn´t in.
    Our fifth one is Pot Scraper (Pottaskefill in Icelandic). He steals pots and eats the leftovers that are in it
    Pot Scraper, the fifth one,
    was a funny sort of chap.
    When kids were given scrapings,
    he´d come to the door and tap
    Our sixth Yule lad is Bowl Licker (Askasleikir in Icelandic) . He hides under beds and waits for people to put down a special bowl known as "Askur" (a bowl with a lid on it) down and then he steals it and eats whatever he finds down there.... hopefully if it is edible
    Bowl Licker, the sixth one,
    was shockingly ill bred.
    From underneath the bedsteads
    he stuck his ugly head.
    Our seventh is non other, and my personal favorite, Door Slammer (Hurðaskellir in Icelandic)! :love: As you can tell from the name, he likes to slam doors as loud as he can, and preferably during the night to wake every single person up in a house. He is quite the prankster as you can tell
    The seventh was Door Slammer,
    a sorry, vulgar chap:
    When people in the twilight
    would take a little nap

    Now, onto the next one, a very strong chap Our eighth is Skyr Gobbler (Skyrgámur in Icelandic) who has an affinity for a special Icelandic type of yogurt known as Skyr (possibly the most healthy yogurt in the entire world). Because he eats this healthy type of food, he is known for his abnormal strength, and he can smash lids on giant barrels containing this type of food, with his bear hands :-o
    Skyr Gobbler, the eighth,
    was an awful stupid bloke.
    He lambasted the skyr tub
    till the lid on it broke
    Our ninth would be Sausage Swiper (Bjúgnakrækir in Icelandic). He is known for hiding in rafters of houses and snatch sausages that were being smoked by the people of the house
    The ninth was Sausage Swiper,
    a shifty pilferer.
    He climbed up to the rafters
    and raided food from there.
    Our tenth is Window Peeper (Gluggagægir in Icelandic). He would be known for peeping and looking through windows for something to steal.... and even children would especially fear this one, because if he saw them, he might even abduct them, that is why people sometimes hid during this day (December the 21st)
    The tenth was Window Peeper,
    a weird little twit,
    who stepped up to the window
    and stole a peek through it
    The eleventh is Door Sniffer (Gáttaþefur in Icelandic). He was known for his abnormally large nose, which he would use to sniff the tasty smell of Laufabrauð (a very special kind of bread made here in Iceland during the Christmas Holidays ) which he would locate, find and then eat
    Eleventh was Door Sniffer,
    a doltish lad and gross.
    He never got a cold, yet had
    a huge, sensitive nose.
    The twelfth is Meat Hook (Ketkrókur in Icelandic). He would use a hook which he put through people's chimneys to steal meat that was hanging about and eat it
    Meat Hook, the twelfth one,
    his talent would display
    as soon as he arrived
    on Saint Thorlak´s Day.
    Our thirteenth and the last Yule lad is Candle Beggar (Kertasníkir in Icelandic). He was known for following children around and steal their candles (which in those days, was made out of edible material). He would proceed to eat the candles
    The thirteenth was Candle Beggar
    - ´twas cold, I believe,
    if he was not the last
    of the lot on Christmas Eve
    Now those are all the Yule lads, who have now come to visit us. Today, they are much different than how I have presented them to you. Today, they give good children presents in their shoes they leave by the window, but they will give naughty children a potatoe. But back in the days, they were not so nice and were the worst rabble that plagued the Icelandic people during the Christmas holidays. Who knows.... perhaps they might revert back to their old habits :awuh: :awuh: :awuh:

    Thank you all who have read this, and I hope you have had a great time reading this and hopefully my other Yule lad uploads (I made two other, with two other Yule lads, check em out in case you have missed them ;D)
  9. Freikorpist Jonas
    Hey guys, it is time for the second upload for our next Yule lad who comes later today . I am posting this a little bit earlier as I might be a bit away :please: If you missed the previous entry, here is a link to it
    But our next Yule lad who arrives today, is Gully Gawk (Giljagaur in Icelandic) Now Gully Gawk would wait in gullies until all humans would be out of sight, and then he would come forth and steal all the milk there was in each home
    The second was Gully Gawk,
    gray his head and mien.
    He snuck into the cow barn
    from his craggy ravine.

    (Stay tuned for further uploads that will either come tomorrow or in next week )
    Link to the next blog to the rest of the Yulelads
  10. Freikorpist Jonas
    Today, I went for a long mountain walk with my mountain walk class. I was with my three best friends from school, and it was awesome . I got snow inside my clothes very often, but it was ok, since I was overdressed and it helped cool me down.
    We started off walking up, while it was still snowing, which made things a bit more difficult. The temperature was below -2° C, so it was a bit cold. But we were fine most of the way. Had a great time talking with my friends, while we were mostly just fooling around, throwing snowballs and then having interesting conversations.
    When we were reaching our end destination, one of my friends, Sigurjón (who is called Sjonni), decided it was a great idea to roll down in the snow. He got some snow inside him as well as getting dizzy, so he discovered it was not that much of a great idea .
    When we finally got back, we were all tired, but satisfied. One of the most successful mountain walks I have participated with my MW class so far .
    Photos Album:

  11. Freikorpist Jonas
    Well, today it is a year since I joined mlpforums . I have been having a great time here on the forums ever since. I have never met a friendlier community or as accepting. I have devoted a lot of my time here on the forums (a lot ). However, no place is without it's ups and downs as nothing is ever perfect. However, that is something can always be looked past to, as it is just part of life .
    I found this site when I was looking at some Brony radio site that linked me to the forums. Ever since then, my life has been sweeter ^w^
    When I first came here, I was really lost and a bit shy. I did not post in the welcoming thread when I joined (sorry about that ). I did not create my own welcoming topic on the forums until I already had the Pony Rank xD.
    It did not take me long to have some mods check my posts in the RPing section, as I was still completely new to the site. However, learning it the hard way has actually helped a lot, as I believe that we learn best from our own mistakes . Ever since then, I have kept myself in check and most of my opinions about things to myself .
    This community has really made me a better person . I used to be a lot colder and mean, however, interacting more with the members here has pretty much rid me of that and replaced it with more passion and caring. It has also given me more guilt for my past, however, that is alright .
    I have spent a lot of my time in the RPing section, however, I was introduced to the Cloudsdale Colosseum a bit later where I have also been active .
    I have met a lot of great people here and made a lot of friends, people that I speak often with at a daily bases . I hope that I can keep on making wonderful new friends .

    I have taken part in many threads, in many sections. I spend most of my time now in the Shipping Thread, RPing section and the Welcoming thread .
    I have had a great time on this forums, I really love it and I hope the community here grows . I have been so inspired and want to help it. I have donated to this site, to provide help and I hope that I can further help this great site. It is my number one site :D .
    You are all awesome and get hugs for reading all of this :3 *Hugs you*

  12. Freikorpist Jonas
    Ok, my last mountain walk was pretty good. We (me and my class) walked around a mountain called Helgafell. It was a pretty good walk. Saw a lot of mountains, cool set of stones and nature. One stone looked like a troll from the Hobbit (first movie, the 3 troll scene). It was really fun. I got a lot of photos (not just of me but of the area around as well ).
  13. Freikorpist Jonas
    I went for a Mountain Walk with my class April 9th this year (2015). This was better as we were walking near mountains this time. We did walk up big hills (or what we call hills ) and it was snowing which made it perfect. I had a good feeling when walking and it was really good for my health . I am looking forward for the last mountain walk, that will be longer and harder .


  14. Freikorpist Jonas
    Well, I went walking with my "Mountain walk" class the 19th of March, 2015. This was the second time I was walking with the class. Last time had been really fun since we were walking on high hills and in a lot of snow. There were snowstorms which made the journey more adventurous. However, this time we went walking near Iceland's President's house. It is nowhere near mountains and very close to the sea. We were walking in marshes and near the beach, it rained and I wasn't really amused. However, my friend took pictures for me so that I could share .
    Here is a photo of me near a metal stake:

    Here is a photo of me with the President's house in the background:

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