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  1. utvKmET.png

    Stolen from a friend who showed me this~

  2. Here on this site Same question~
  3. Seems like Assad and Putin are far better and more reliable allies than the US

    I do hope this new alliance can be utilized to its full effect and that Russia actually commits fully to it to push Turkey completely out of Syria. Will it likely happen? No. That is what the Kurds are hoping, hoping that they will be able to take Afrin city back as well, but in all likelyhood, what Russia and the SAA will probably only be able to do is stabilizing the frontlines with the Turks. Most everything relies on Russia and how much commitment they are willing to make and they have already committed far too much to the conflict as it stands. The SAA and the Kurds stand at a disadvantage against a technologically superior foe. Another weakness is that this is an uneasy alliance and the Kurds have had to make some concessions to the pro-Assad forces, but as they say, better that than to stand alone against the Ottoman Turks. 

    But best of lucks to them anyways. Drive out the Turks! Drive out the Sultan! Long live Sooryia!

  4. That I do not know, but I know how they like their cereals. Milk in a bowl that is heated up before the cereal is put in the bowl with the now warm milk. Obviously we eat our breakfast differently and I find the difference to be rather adorable. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to together?
  5. I have not yet acquired the knowledge of @Kamii's favorite dessert. I need know so that we can have some noice dessert together (I am going to take a guess though that it is ice-cream). Same?
  6. I didn't know about that fact. Was it directly because of the film?
  7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mulan II, Chicken Little, Ástrópía (Icelandic film) and I am unsure about Willow (I have not seen the movie in a long time, but from what I remember, it was not particularly good even though it left an impression on me). Really? It happens to be one of my favorite films of all time. I even studied it for psychology class back in the days and wrote an essay about it. But if it is really autistic representation that is getting you, that was not the goal of the film at all. The film is actually based on a real life Savant, Kim Peek which helped him a lot personally. I get if you don't think the film was fun, but it was not trying to go out of its way to educate people generally about autistic people, but it was really following an actual person by turning it into inspired fiction.
  8. Most definitely not, I can not fathom being friends with someone who is fundamentally against most everything I hold dear.
  9. Probably the chillest site that I have engaged in when it comes to online activity and the one I have been most active rather than anywhere else. Cheers to @Lightwing, @Kamii, @Buzz and @Bojo. Also @Fluttershyfan94 and @Twiggy yo mah dudes. No other attachments were formed, perhaps due to not getting out there or spending more time here, sorry~
  10. Ah, Blizzard. That soulless corporation that sides with human rights violaters and takes a direct stance in politics. Can't say I am surprised. Gotta get that Chinese dough. Hope you are enjoying Classic~

    Image result for xi winnie the pooh

    1. Spider Demon

      Spider Demon

      I've frankly hated Blizzard for a long time now, and stuff like this is exactly why. I still hate EA and especially 2K more.

  11. My memory is constantly all over the place. But there are quite a few, which one of them to pick I am not sure. There are even moments where I go back to thinking about past stuff said (or even recordings) where it ignites those said "Damn! I love her!". But the one I will share here is when we were at the St. George Castle in Lisbon back in last December. It is situated on a high ground from which you can see most of Lisbon. It was getting dark, the lights of the city were beautiful. We sat by the edge of walls, talked and then kissed. Now that was a very special moment where I definitely thought "Damn, I love her!" When it comes to previous relationships, do you discuss it with your SO or would you rather not do that?
  12. I don't have time for your old person shenanigans. I got a revolution to fight~


    1. FFF


      Antifa is back at it again doing stupid things I see.

  13. Saudi-Arabia: We are rich, supplied by the US and posess a modern army. We can bomb the shit out of our neighbors if we want.




    Saudi-Arabia just got BTFO'd~


    I now know where Guy gets his charms. Snrk~

    1. Twiggy


      Nazi comparisons are usually cringe but it for real looks like he rehearsed that shit. 

  15. INTP here. Me and @Kamii love doing research on this type of stuff.
  16. Question for Steven Universe fans. Is it possible to watch the movie without watching the show? 

    1. Frostgage


      Strangely enough someone asked this exact question a couple days ago so imma copy/paste my answer because that's just the way I am

      SU is very character-driven and the movie focuses heavily on their history/development. But, the music is absolutely incredible and I imagine it would still be very enjoyable to watch even if you didn't understand much beyond the plot.

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    2. Alastor


      I also don't know what "/s" is. I'm afraid my satirical humor and internet knowledge is much more limited than compared to @Twiggy's. 

      I'm a bit of a boomer despite being a millenial~ 

    3. Spider Demon

      Spider Demon


      @JonasDarkmane I was assuming you were being sarcastic.

    4. Alastor


      My original post is sarcasm yes. Otherwise I am nearly unable to read sarcasm in other peoples words :)

  17. I just bought the game River City Girls
  18. River City Girls has just been released on Steam (and other platforms). I am so getting it right now Edit: So I have tried playing the game a bit. It looks pretty unfinished, or at least from my end as I bought it on Steam. I am seeing good reviews, but it is mostly from people with consoles or controllers. Keys are really junky and the game does not seem to allow you to configure your keys. There is a thing where you can go into key bindings, but you can't interact with it at all. That is a big down for me as someone how has played games like Shantae by Wayforward. There also does not seem to be an online multiplayer option but an actual physical player option. This is where the PC suffers as this is perfect for console gamers while us PC gamers have to cram together with our fingers to try and play on the single machine. All in all, as it currently stands, this game feels like it was made for consoles while still being distributed to PC gamers, but not really taking them into consideration.
  19. Bernie Sanders: We need population control to fight climate change

    Far-right: Probably advocating for white people only

    Bernie: We need to give poor countries access to birth control 

    Far-right: Oh, well, won't argue against that...

    Sane people: That actually makes sense due to the insane population explosion happening in poor countries

    Some crazy conservatives: YoU hAtE bRoWn PeOpLe!