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  1. Am I the only person that hates parties?

    I never understood what is the point of parties at all I mean yea it is to celebrate something but what is it actually? people just being together doing basically nothing just talking and maybe eating I personally dont really get it at all. in my experience every party is me sitting alone quietly while everyone else is talking and doing stuff. I really dont have anything to say to anyone i dont really get anything out of attending a party. I just never figured it out so i stopped going to all of the gatherings .
  2. Am I the only one who gets shy around their own relatives?

    yeah i know the feeling I mean my sister likes to visit here from time to time but i literally have nothing to say to her or any other relatives and usually if i go with them i just end up sitting there quietly the whole time. It doesnt really make any sense for me to be there so these days i kinda stopped coming to those events.
  3. How was your first day of school?

    i dotn know if it was the first or what day it was but definitely among the first days I just sat near the wall of the school alone and then after a while some older guys come there and start yelling something to me i cried and ran under one tree after that day i didnt go to school for 1 week i was so afraid and crying in my home =/
  4. Would you start over?

    I dont think so I believe that everything that has happened thus far has made me a better person and i've been able to grow from that experience it wiould be meaningless to throw all that away.
  5. If you were to be a tree, what type of tree would you be?

    Its actually pretty interesting to think about what it would feel like to be a tree. Personally i like maples they have this kind of strong yet gentle atmosphere with them.
  6. Do you judge people by the clothes they wear?

    Well only thing im judging from attire is that if the person is potentially dangerous
  7. Subs vs Dubs

    I dont understand how people who can read can watch the dubs if the original is available subbed its just is beyond me 9 times out of 10 the original voice is superior to the dubbed and conveys the emotion of the scene as it is supposed dub feels just cheap it sacrifices the quality and sometimes even destroys the context
  8. Anyone else dislike dogs?

    I despise dogs every time i see them barking on me i feel like kicking it until it dies or learns its lesson i dont know why i feel like this maybe i have some stigma against them but my guess is because of the unexpected noise. My brother used to yell at me when i was a kid and he was very agressive so i guess it comes from there
  9. How masculine/femenine are you?

    Even though i'm male i dont really feel very masculinee so i guess feminine suits me more
  10. Why do people often gender assign all cats as females?

    I think its because cats are usually viewed as feminine animals and them posessing many feminine aspects
  11. Is life beautiful?

    Life is very beautiful experience like a journey it is truly something to treasure and enjoy of
  12. have you ever been injured?

    When i was in kindergarten I fell a sleep while sitting on a bench and fell down and broke my arm, this happened 2 times
  13. How Important is Height for a Woman?

    i dont think its important at all any height is fine by me
  14. Paint tool SAI is my go to program these days and been for a while
  15. 1. it was in kindergarten i guess and yess i've used a manual one 2. ps1 it was for me from my brother around the '01-'02 3. Nissan Cherry i guess it was '80 something 4. no 5. Halonen i dont remember when she was elected though maybe '06 6. it was allowed here 7. i never used any of them 8. my first was xp 9.i have no idea what that is 10. toy story 1 or 2 i dont rememb