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  1. CAUTION: ME NO ENGLISH RIGHT but don't judge on grammar 1- celestia is evil and I seen the evidence pops up every where like where the guards when queen chrysalis attack and who saved celestia in the first episode 2- I think its like chess an unknown character is attempting to stop celestia but keeps making her look like the good guy
  2. I had some theories of my own but never shared them this is a topic where can show your theories and comment on others maybe even help them find evidence one theirs or explain your problem with theirs it just some simple fun
  3. CAUTION: ME NO ENGLISH RIGHT so think before you judge I actually don't know why I love the show because I rarely think the jokes are funny and the stories are kind of plain but I love it I love the characters , the world and a lot of other things
  4. swordmasterg

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    well I'm just saying hi and pinkie is god think about she faster the rainbow dash also me no grammar right like seriously I'm bad but I just what to say hi because well I'm new and im trying to figure out how this dam thing works
  5. Welcome to MLP Forums swordmasterg. I hope you have a great time here /)

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