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  1. Love your new avatar, my friend.

    1. New display name
    2. TheRockARooster


      It's great to see you again, my friend.

  2. Web

    one of my favorites <3
  3. Happy birthday:)

    1. ShadOBabe


      Thank you very much!! X3

  4. Now it's 4am and I think I should go bit earlier.
  5. Maybe but I don't really have any better name on my mind and it costs
  6. I'm usually in mood for some food but when I actually start eating it it's sometimes different story Now maybe some porridge
  7. I would like sometimes since the colour choices on men's clothes are nonexistent though i havent really tried anything yet
  8. I fell sleep on a chair and broke my arm and it happened with both arms.
  9. Well the weather here is pretty good i guess though its not like i been outside for some days but last time it was snowing not too much but little some good breeze too Kinda keeping the thin snow here about 0° here these days I guess
  10. General

    Havent checked in many years but i guess something 190
  11. It's pretty interesting when you think back and then compare it to present and you see the difference in everything including yourself.

  12. Well before I would have said fluttershy but it's kinda like between her and big Mac now I think
  13. Spoiler

    I imagine it would be like silky shiny yet still fluffy and flowy. Firm and soft able to keep it's form still bouncy enough. It's actually pretty interesting how her mane would be.