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  1. Either I have changed or people around me have or both but it definitely  hasn't gone in the better direction from my point of view.

    The approach point on how to initiate something has changed from passive to semi aggressive and the overall atmosphere because of that is feeling heavy on me.

    Anything else feels like a false front which is then presented in a light that makes it seem like it is alright but I really think it isn't. 

    Maybe it is just not for me and this strife is just in my head and in reality things are differently. But who am i to make that decision. I'll act on my instinct based on the feeling i get after reading the atmosphere of the situation. And currently what I'm seeing is not compatible with me as it is.

    It would present a new opportunity but the internal strife is too much for me and it wouldn't bring me that much closer to the overall goal I am working myself towards. And because I'm seeing it that way I don't believe that any further involvement  is necessary  for me towards this.

    If you feel differently that is alright 

    1. JonasDarkmane



      Basically what Garrosh says. 

  2. /)

    Good to see you again.

  3. Good new and bad news

    Good Gintama (2017)

    Bad my Windows 10 system files got corrupted and I need to reinstall the whole thing

  4. About time I got into C# been meaning to get to it for ages

    1. CypherHoof


      Been avoiding it for years - I hope the whole of DotNet dies a horrible death...

    2. BlinkZ


      no idea what that even means lolz


  5. I thought I already left these depressive feelings and other crap behind me over a year ago but I guess they are back. :/ again being stuck knee high on my own problems doesn't give the best motivation to move forward

  6. TES lore hooked me 

  7. i shouldnt distress myself when my emotional groundwork isnt as stable as possible i dont want to get myself lost in the same thing  that was years back

  8. Punk rarity was apparently more of a success than I initially thought it would be as these 2 days 100+ works decipting  that particular look have already appeared on da.

  9. Da should add oldest first sorting their mobile app notifications

  10. Science

    I understand the situations why people currently live in these areas and I'm not saying anyone should move anywhere. I'm saying that if one feels that the risks of living in such area overweight the benefits for them in that area moving to the area that could suit them better would be one option in my mind. It is quite subjective how people view these things as maps and stats don't necessarily prove anything as predicting these events is not easy. And people tend to value different things over another. As for the US I'm not familiar with the economic system there but looking from my point of view i think it makes things like moving quite bit harder for some people that are "bound" to certain areas because of jobs and other infrastructure. As for my original question i was mainly wondering why people in the past didnt move away from the stuff back then when the infrastructure didnt bound them as much. Though I guess some people moved and some didn't. And thing I didn't understand was mainly how the population points even formed in the distressed area though it was probably the most efficient back then as sea was close and port cities usually prosper more in the trade. So I guess the points are justified to some extent
  11. Science

    I wouldnt say every state
  12. Science

    I dont know if its just me but i've been always wondering why people settled to live in areas where these hurricanes or other natural disasters are a problem in the first place. I mean like some places are more prone to these things than others and yet still people choose to live there with the constant risk? I dont really understand it.
  13. While I would say Raritys original mane and tail are one of her top aestethic qualities I dont really think the punk look looks as bad as i thought it would. Though i still prefer her original mane and tail I just love the purple and the smooth curve in it.
  14. Hifumi senpai!!