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    Never judge someone of there opinion.
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    How I became a Brony/Pegasister

    It started back somewhere in 2012. I have already heard about the bronies but I wasn't interested despite myself watch My Little Pony as a kid. However, one of my friends showed me a drawing of hers, she said that it was an Anti version of Rainbow Dash (Named Rainbow Punk). Somehow, I decided to give the show a shot.
    What interested me more about the show was Doctor Whooves. I was a Whovian (sorda) so of course I searched more about him. Thus came Pony Spotlight by ProjectFailSing. It was a series that gave me information about the characters (however it is a bit outdated). And then I watched my first MLP episode, Luna Eclipsed (I think).
    And the rest is history.


    What is your name? I prefer to remain Anonymous, however I go by two names. Serenity and Isabelle.

    What's your age? Anonymous

    Birthday? Feb. 26

    Persona? Serenity, however I do draw myself.

    Gender? Female

    Favorite Color? Blue, but I also like other colors.


    I am a artist, you can visit my DeviantArt. But I do need help submitting art her.


    I either may or may not be active on here so don't expect many things from me.

    I'm sensitive, so if I react harshly to anyone, its either that I'm not in the mood or my immaturity is kicking in.

    I am a big Sonic fan (don't worry, I'll respect your opinion).

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hey guys, I know it's been 5 months already. I just don't seem that interested in this site anymore. I might leave this account since I barely get on it. Anyways just an update, I have a new Tumblr now. Here is the link:

  3. Sorry if I haven't been active for about a month now. I've been busy. Anyway... SENPAI NOTICED ME! *cries on the floor*

  4. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  5. Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. Art featured on Fnaf Fanfic Parlour. Almost dies.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  8. Response to FNAF 2: Great, they made it even MORE pointless to have a night guard.

  9. Updated my description.

  10. Uh.. Can someone help me with posting art here.

  11. Sorry if I have been inactive lately. I've been busy and I have been mostly active on Deviantart.

  12. Thoughts on Rainbow Rocks: Great, but I do find some flaws in it. Raibow Dash's ego was almost at maximum, The Dazzling's designs look off, however there WAY better when comparing the outfits the Rainbooms were wearing.

  13. Tomorrow I'll be going to Rainbow Rocks with my grandma so I'll be hoping this will be worth a few bucks.

  14. If anyone's wondering if pinkiepartypie is, her tablet got taken away. Just an update.

  15. This was just a pic from my gallery on Deviantart. I'll edit it if its the wrong link. EDIT: For some reason, it won't post it.