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    Never judge someone of there opinion.
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    How I became a Brony/Pegasister

    It started back somewhere in 2012. I have already heard about the bronies but I wasn't interested despite myself watch My Little Pony as a kid. However, one of my friends showed me a drawing of hers, she said that it was an Anti version of Rainbow Dash (Named Rainbow Punk). Somehow, I decided to give the show a shot.
    What interested me more about the show was Doctor Whooves. I was a Whovian (sorda) so of course I searched more about him. Thus came Pony Spotlight by ProjectFailSing. It was a series that gave me information about the characters (however it is a bit outdated). And then I watched my first MLP episode, Luna Eclipsed (I think).
    And the rest is history.


    What is your name? I prefer to remain Anonymous, however I go by two names. Serenity and Isabelle.

    What's your age? Anonymous

    Birthday? Feb. 26

    Persona? Serenity, however I do draw myself.

    Gender? Female

    Favorite Color? Blue, but I also like other colors.


    I am a artist, you can visit my DeviantArt. But I do need help submitting art her.


    I either may or may not be active on here so don't expect many things from me.

    I'm sensitive, so if I react harshly to anyone, its either that I'm not in the mood or my immaturity is kicking in.

    I am a big Sonic fan (don't worry, I'll respect your opinion).

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