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  1. Commission request for @Flitterflutter
  2. Nika

    Old drawwwwwing~

    Aw thank you so much! Yeah it would make a pretty neat glass model XP
  3. Wow.. I forgot all about this drawing. I did this with COPIC markers and a gellyroll white pen for the sparkles.
  4. This is a WIP of a commission. My commission thread is https://mlpforums.com/topic/141105-commissions-open/#entry4201693 For @Brony_B
  5. Nyan Nyan Brother.

  6. My little ponysona, Shimmer Heart. Any feedback lovelies? I'm thinking of doing commissions. here is my site for my artwork. http://artworkbyshimmerkoi.weebly.com/
  7. I finally uploaded the speed art of Digital Designs onto YouTube. Feedback pleeease. <3 Speed Art Link -----> My Facebook page-----> https://www.facebook.com/ShimmerHeartsEquestrianMagic
  8. Nika

    A few Ponies

    Aw thank you so much!! I really appreciate these lovely comments. As for the recording software, it is called Open Broadcaster Software.
  9. Nika

    A few Ponies

    Just some more ponies I have been drawing on Paint Tool SAI. Each of them I made a speed art video, I will upload it soon and put a link up. Soft Kitty is the allicorn. Digital Designs is the Pegasus Shimmer Heart (My ponysona) is the unicorn Please Feedback <3
  10. Nika

    Beaneh Pone~

    A drawing I drew for my cute little friend of mine. Beanie Pony. Tell me what you think, I love getting feedback. https://youtu.be/2z05I6HVIFI<----- Speed art
  11. Nika


    Thank you so much! It is so nice to hear that people can learn of my drawings. I really appreciate this so much!!
  12. Nika


    Thank youuu~!
  13. Nika


    Okay, this is the last and final design of my ponysona. :3 I drew this on Paint Tool SAI with my WACOM Intuos 5 graphics tablet. There will be a speedart of this drawing soon. What do you think?
  14. This is my ponysona, Shimmer heart. Drawn on Paint Tool SAI.. It looks crap, I suck at digital draaaawings. T.T
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