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  1. 100 posts and this site remains largely a mystery. I'll get there.

    1. M'aiq the Liar
    2. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle

      you'll get to 1k posts and wonder what the hell happened to your life

    3. Bright Bastion

      Bright Bastion

      haha, I don;t know how many posts I've made on this site.

      I really should be mroe active though, you guys are awesome.

  2. It looks like the reward is just getting featured and some nice artwork, dude. It's a pretty good deal by anyone's standards, I mean seriously, who'd turn down a free commission by a talented artist! But regarding the extra perks, such as the referral to a publishing group, sadly I doubt it, since there isn't much of a literary market for anything that isn't a Twilight fanfic with the names "Eddie" and "Bellsie" swapped out. If that's what your aiming at, maybe writing original fiction would be the way to go?
  3. 187,529. And you're right, Cross. That little guy 25th on the list.
  4. 187517. Haha, yes. I suppose so. I'll start by stating that our second most dangerous animal is the honey bee.
  5. 187514. Anything you guys want to know about Australia?
  6. 187,511. They are tricky things, numbers.
  7. 187,509, unless I'm gravely mistaken.
  8. 187501. I salute you, Sir. Your taste in brews is beyond reproach.
  9. 187,496. @. Yo! @@The Crimson Cross, what can I say? I just see so much of myself in those six little digits.
  10. 187492. My favourite number. Also, @, you have me questioning why I didn't call myself SMOKIN' HORSE from the beginning.