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    "The storms of our life reveal the strength of our faith."
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  1. Merry Christmas Amary, have a good one! ^^

    1. Amaryllis


      Thank's, you too. :)

  2. I don't know why I'm saying this here instead of on Telegram, but x3 I saw this before, and it struck me how fitting their description was for you. O.O http://wdez.com/news/articles/2012/mar/27/shinedowns-brent-smith-on-amaryllis-its-all-about-destiny/

    1. catnet


      Am I weird in thinking that? :o

  3. Haven't heard from you or your amazing art for quite some time. Is everything alright over there?

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    2. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Good, trying to improve as always. It is great to see that you haven't left the forums completely. ^^


    3. Amaryllis


      Yeah I've been busy with other things at the moment. oh and ill have to go again, see you next time! ^-^

    4. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Very well, have a good one!

  4. For your 'A few things about me..' section, you forgot to add 'I am overwhelmingly cute and cuddly~' >.> :3 <3

  5. *boop*~

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    2. Amaryllis


      Hi~ <3 (^o^)

    3. catnet


      Hello! ^~^ How are you today, my kindest pony? :3 *nuzzles and kisses your cheeks*~ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    4. Amaryllis


      I am good ^-^ how about you? :3 *hugs and kisses*~ ^.^ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

      want to talk on telegram? :o

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    2. catnet


      :0 :D But, you know...~ >.>
























      *whispers in your ear* I wuv you moar~ >;3 <3<3<3

    3. Amaryllis


      nuuu D:


      go on Telegram? :3

    4. catnet


      Yuuuus c:


      On there right now~ ^.~

  6. If I ever fall asleep on you again, please bonk me like so~ <3 https://derpicdn.net/img/2014/2/25/561357/large.png

  7. I have thought about this in the past and this is what I came up with. 1. To have the ability to travel anywhere throughout the entire universe at will just by using my mind. 2. To discover all life's curiosity of mysteries and unanswered questions. 3. To know what truly happens to your soul after death. 4. To be at peace with life.
  8. My favourite is Ginger Ale, second Dr. Pepper, and third Vanilla Coke.
  9. I'm okay with them and think they look interesting. I don't have any fear of them, but I do have fear of mosquitoes they look creepy to me.. please don't touch me mosquitoes... don't touch me..
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