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  1. Erhannis

    Two spots available, fri-sun

    Well, I'd consider it, except I don't know if the hotel will let me cancel this soon - how much would you be asking, for two people for Fri-Sun? I can check if the hotel has a cancellation fee, and compare price differences.
  2. Erhannis

    Two spots available, fri-sun It's me and a friend in the room, and I have two more spots available (or three if we're pushing it). Check in Friday, check out Sunday. $62 a night. Please don't do drugs or get super drunk.
  3. 2 spots available in a room, Thu-Sun (i.e., checking out sunday). I'm 28 y/o male, I don't drink/smoke/drugs. I ask that no smoking/drinking/drugs occur in the room (and hopefully no drugs, period). Let's say, $25 a night. There's two people currently scheduled for the room, including me. I could swear I talked with a third, but I can't find their messages anywhere. If they turn up, I won't kick anybody out; it may just get a little cramped.
  4. Erhannis

    Closed. Looking for room for babscon 2017

    Either of you two still looking for a room? (If not, maybe rename the thread to say "closed" or something?)
  5. Erhannis

    Driving from Dayton, OH

    Hey, this is stupidly last minute, but I'm driving to FillyCon from Dayton, Ohio. Starting the trip Thursday night (8/25/16), drive 8 hours, drive back Sunday night. Anybody on the way want a ride?