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  1. If you study a certain thing, like physics for example, your whole life and have a passion for it (Technically, Even If You Don't Have A Passion For It) of course you'll become as smart as Albert Einstein. Hell, you might even Surpass him. There is almost no limit to the human, or in this case pony, brain and body. It's you who set your own limits, so it's up to you to surpass them.
  2. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but, I absolutely HATE the way the writers handled the way magic is portrayed! Hell, even flight for Pegasi. It's almost as if the creators are handicapping ponies who aren't lucky enough to be part of the Mane 6 and have all the extra abilities. If you're a Unicorn and you have the ability to perform magic, you should have the ability and the potential to perform any kind of magic you desire if you study and train hard, like Twilight. But, you're telling me that since their Cutie Mark literally dictates their life, they can't become a strong magic user? Bull... Shit! If you have the ability to perform magic you should, like most other people would think, have the ability to augment and expand your arsenal of magical abilities. If you can't do that, what exactly is the point of being a unicorn? The same goes with the Pegasi. Even though Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark represents speed (I Think) why does it seem that she's the only one that can actually fly fast and create sonic booms? One would think that other Pegasi could do this same thing if they train enough, but the writers seem to be hell bent on handicapping every pony who isn't a part of the Mane 6, as I said earlier. I really REALLY hate the a lot of the concept that gravitates around Cutie Marks. Just because your special talent is a certain thing DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE!!! Just take Rarity for example! Ya see, this is why I usually don't like Cannon when it comes to things like this. It's stupid. A Cutie Mark shouldn't dictate a pony's life and effectively put limits on it. They should be able to practice, study, and execute whatever maneuvers they damn well please. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go eat some Shrooms.
  3. I've always wondered exactly how the dragons in this show age. I have a theory though. I would think that the dragons can age voluntarily. Crazy right? It seems that their age is solely based on how greedy they are. So if Spike, for example, wants to be a certain age or height, he might need to find a way to stop himself from being selfish at a certain point in time. Difficult but possible. Anyway, that's what I personally think. What about you guys?
  4. God, I hate Friendship Is Witchcraft to the CORE, I DESPISED Magical Mystery Cure, and I'm getting really sick and tired of the Creepypastas in this Fandom!
  5. Don't smoke, bro. That stuff will kill ya!
  6. Who am I? I like to think of myself as an open minded individual. I like to study and get accurate information on all things if I can which often sends me to trips to the library. I really don't like closed minded people, blind worship, and ignorance, it's because of those things why I became an Atheist. I'm also an aspiring musician. I play the Viola, but I'm still taking classes. I really want to make Viola dubstep and classical Viola music so that I can have a stable career and give back to the Brony Community. I'm also a Lucid Dreamer in training. I'm not too crazy when It comes to rules, though. I will follow them, though sorta begrudgingly sometimes. It's because of this I very loosely follow canon when I write Fanfics. But, just because I don't like rules don't expect me to be some kind of rude douchbag. That's not me at all. People say that I'm very smart, well mannered, and etiquette. I'm also borderline gifted in spelling and language arts but, when it comes to math, well, let's just say that I'm a bit lower than average. A lot of people also say that I'm a very happy and outgoing individual. I also like to give advice. Whenever I see someone with a thundercloud over their head I usually try to cheer them up. I also love video games, technology, and taking walks. Oh, and I'm also a pacifist. In real life I never fight (But If I Don't Like Someone I Could Be A Bit Passive Aggressive) I save that for fanfics and for when I start Lucid Dreaming. Well that's all I got... For now! Hope you guys actually had to time to read all of this. Lol!
  7. Honestly, I'm one of those people who hardly abides to the rules of the show (That Goes For Any Show, Really). If I want my Unicorns to have all the power in the world just from practicing and studying a few books, then gosh darn it, I'm gonna have my Unicorns to have all the power in the world just from practicing and studying a few books! Same goes with Earth Ponies having natural born super strength and super speed on land, and all Pegasi having the potential to create Sonic Booms! I love the show, but like every other show, I just don't like some of their rules. That's why I Lucid Dream and write Fanfics.