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  1. That about does it for one of the hardest levels in the game


  2. Saw another episode of One Punch Man. Things are getting pretty interesting after three boring episodes. (Sidenote: Sometimes good shows have boring starts)

  3. This music used to drive my mom nuts


    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      I always love this looping stairs illusion

    2. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      This once made me turn my Nintendo 64 off in fear. The music was so scary back then.

    3. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Playing the DS version kind of gives away the illusion. No matter how high up the endless stairs you go, the bottom of the stairs is always a few steps behind you. It's because the game seamlessly loops you back down a few steps every time you run up

  4. Sometimes what you can do with Yoshi sure is weird


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    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Actually I heard that Yoshis of Isle Delfino are not real Yoshis. They're actually made of paint and so dissolve in water

    3. Eren Jaeger

      Eren Jaeger

      Must be Shadow Mario’s doing

    4. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Yep that's what the game maker said


    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Awesome! By the way is it me or those pieces sliding faster than the N64 version?

  6. Lot of my time in this game at first was just doing things like this to drive Toadsworth and Piantas nuts. Kids, do not try this at home


  7. I started watching One Punch Man a few days ago. It seems kind of boring, but I got faith that it gets better

  8. Some say he’s still spinning in his chair to this day
  9. Most likely to go out with Soarin
  10. This new stadium in Los Angeles is the perfect place for Al and Chris to kick of SNF

    But who to root for?