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  1. My Oc made by Nikkikittyx Her page is http://nikkikittyx.deviantart.com/
  2. Thank you every pony This is my new updated linework of my pony
  3. My Tokyo Ghoul Oc, She's a One Eyed Ghoul She's also in her kitty hoody Isnt she cute
  4. Hi every pony I need some idea's to how to customize my pony :) see I am a pony dragon hybrid but Im kinda leaning towards the pegasus dragon hybrid :D

  5. Hello everypony :)

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    2. CosmicSpark


      Yay :) :) Love group hugs :) :)

    3. <3 Evie <3

      <3 Evie <3

      hehehe I do get abit nervous in group hugs but you two are lovely so why not :D

    4. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      We seem lovely? All I've done is talk about sleep xD

  6. Hi hi every pony :D im sorry I havent been on here much :( work has been very very busy and my classes have started back up again :) if you need to contact me, my skype is on my profile :)

  7. "You are who you are in your heart, ignore the hate and cruelty you receive and move forward and never forget who you are in your heart"

  8. Oh my celestia, I been so so so busy with my studying and work :( i havent even started my next video with being so super duper busy, but im getting round to doing it as its the weekend yay :D im free hehehehe please message me any questions and i'll sure to add them in my video :) thank you everypony :)

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    2. <3 Evie <3

      <3 Evie <3

      Okie dokie I'l have a lookie look and and okie dokie you dont mind me adding you do you :)

    3. TheLegoBrony


      naaaaaaaaa I'm totally fine with it

    4. <3 Evie <3

      <3 Evie <3

      okie dokie :D just wanted to be sure :D

  9. Hi hi my amazing pony friends, I need help I need some of you to ask me some questions so i can do my q&a video :D hope to not be a bother :D

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    2. TheLegoBrony


      after a long day at college just chillin watching telly

    3. <3 Evie <3

      <3 Evie <3

      well i had my hair cut :)

    4. TheLegoBrony
  10. A random female pony base, people can use it but gotta credit me My oc with short hair and her dragon horns
  11. hello everypony I am thinking on cutting my mane on my oc's naturally hair :) see I dont know whether i should change my oc's naturally hair to when I have my hair cut in the future, what do you think my amazing pony friends please comment your opinion :D

    1. TheLegoBrony


      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm keep the pink I like the pink