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Status Updates posted by Kronos the Revenant

  1. Some dickhead named Leffen made me go off on a berserk rant on him. Did I go too far or not far enough?5057804E-B1F1-4B34-978E-A243793359CC.jpeg.70d1a07e2308b8186bec0c1c047e788f.jpeg555471E4-6BBA-477D-B6F6-117BB914067B.jpeg.313dd117a058d8f0c21c914d99d12d3e.jpeg4997AA31-7721-46E8-B303-D7B251889345.thumb.jpeg.06f419c32356b1362e875b93e8e57d07.jpeg567998E3-1019-443E-892B-3D38C0719649.thumb.jpeg.3d0b80dd5e6b18608ad96cf6f2eabebb.jpeg

  2. Just played a game with Among Us with a group of monkeys. :D 

  3. Well, fuck me sideways. I got to work A WHOLE HOUR EARLY!!!

  4. A moment of silence for my grandfather, Jun Lucero, who just succumbed to COVID-19 a few hours ago. 

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      I'm so sorry. :(

  5. Ashes fall like snow as the sky is lit ablaze in a fiery orange here in California. 

  6. There’s this female coworker I have that’s been getting quite chatty with me recently. We both seem to have shifts around the same time, granted, but with the population of the employees there being mostly women, I’m surprised she takes time to talk to me of all people there. I mean, sure, it was casual banter at first, but today she asked if I was single then asked if I was on a dating app. She then suggested one and told me to show her tomorrow so that she can help me. I’m not sure what to make of this; is she trying to help me, because I never showed interest in being in a relationship as of yet, or is it something else a little more subtle? I don’t know, I think I’m looking too much into this. 

  7. Fuck the government. Why the hell do people get to sit on their asses all day and get paid TWICE AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!! It makes no fucking sense. Yes, I work a minimum wage job, but there are people out there UNEMPLOYED who make twice as much money as I do. Why!? Why not give the people who are giving “essential services” some sort of hazard bonus. Do we not matter??? Wtf, politicians!?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kyoshi


      Welcome to the federal government's totally botched pandemic response.

    3. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      I actually am a legitimately medically diagnosed autistic, depressed millennial. 

    4. Pathfinder


      No offense, but please keep political matters to the debate symposium.

      Thank you.

  8. So, my mother decides to order food online. She asks me to pay for it. I accept to pay for it. As soon as we start going, we hear scraping. It’s the plastic cover of the car’s undercarriage. Now, my mother doesn’t want to go and calls her sister. She asks her to pick it up and says SHE CAN HAVE IT. WTF!? I PAID FOR THOSE DAMN BURGERS!!! AT LEAST TELL HER TO BRING IT TO US, NOT TAKE IT HERSELF!!!

  9. At first i was excited about getting messaged by Ice Cube on Twitter, but after a few messages, I’m getting suspicious since he had to assure it was actually him.

  10. The Mickey Deez Nutz i work at is finally re-opening its lobby. Oh boy. 

  11. Nothing is worse than having your parents asking you the same goddamn question at least five times with the same answer just because they think you’re lying when, in fact, you’re telling the truth. 

  12. Been watching some police shows and just thought of this:

    Police: *bans automatic weapons*

    Criminals: *Use submachine guns and assault rifles*

    Criminals: *kill dozens of officers*



  13. Just got a letter from the IRS. Signed bu Donald Trump. Which is basically saying “Here’s your money and my signature, please like me for next election. Take care. Bye bye.” Like, WTF, i still dont like you, Trump. 

    1. WWolf


      What kind of letter :ooh: ?

    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      IRS. It’s about the stimulus checks they’ve been sending out. 

    3. Megas


      His signature is why physical checks took longer to get to people.

      Thanks for choking us financially?

  14. My mom’s talking about Kim Jong Un’s vegetative state and is know thinking of fixing me or my brother up with Kim Jong Un’s sister. :D  

  15. Day 563 of self isolation. 

  16. Just made some cookies with little bro using mother’s recipe. Turned out better than expected for a first try. image.thumb.jpg.035da28ef95d5179070bbc21c68a5019.jpg


    1. Pandora 🐼

      Pandora 🐼

      have fun with it, Kronos!

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      That's dope!

  18. Gotta love America’s priorities. With this whole outbreak, the first thing they’re worried about is the NCAA. Even while talking about that, they said that they’re worried about the staff, coaches and, get this, MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE FUCKING PLAYERS, because fuck everyone else who has the brains to really benefit the nation, sports is where it’s at, America. 

  19. My father successfully purchased the Fallout: Equestria novel, hardcover. It should arrive a week after my birthday. 

  20. My father just bid on a Fallout:Equestria book for my bday gift. 

  21. My little brother got accepted into UC Merced. 

  22. Part of me is thinking about changing up my OC’s backstory in a weird way. 

  23. image.thumb.jpg.7554b008c0c249aa446f776b613c9d33.jpgHere at Dreamhack in Anaheim 

  24. JUST CAUGHT A RANDOM WILD SHINY WHILE G-MAX HUNTING!!!!!!!image.thumb.jpg.17e9aa58631e54a4ebeb9f0e08be4924.jpg

  25. Just caught my second G-Max pokemon. 323F25BC-DAFB-4284-A8BB-6BC8DB9A1E2B.thumb.jpeg.0ca8353c51f7efeda45a11d0a27a40d2.jpeg