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  1. Merry Birthiversary!


  3. First of my creations that doesn't have blatant problems. I must say despite it's shortness I'm a little bit proud. Anyhow, here it is: Hope you enjoy!
  4. Just finished making a homebrew RPG system for MLP!!! Now, I only have to translate it to english...

  5. I wouldn't say I'm open about it. I mean, sure my friends know but we are a bunch of... not entirely ordinary people , so they are more accepting than most people. I probably would wear some merch (in circles I move in I'm known as a person who does things just to shock people so they wouldn't know any better). As for talking about it around people... I would just feel uncomfortable and it might make others uncomfortable too, so no.
  6. Been feeling slightly depressed lately. Have a lot projects on my head. No one cares but whatever.

  7. Rarity is my second most disliked character in the Mane 6. I think she is well developed as a character but I can't stand people with such personalities. Also, I do not hold against her when she is vain, I hold it against her when she is greedy because that directly contradicts her element.
  8. I like to think of magic in the show as a muscle. If trained properly and regularly, it grows strong. But don't train it for a longer while and you'll get weaker. Twilight has a lot of knowledge but she does not utilise it so often. Starlight on the other hand, had been preparing for her revenge for a while so I assume she practised a lot. AND she also is shown to posses knowledge that at least matches that of Twilight. So no she's not OP. Twi just was slacking on practice.
  9. Someone might have said that before me (idk, I'm too lazy too read all posts) but here it goes anyway: Twilight is the main protagonist. While I can understand that some may be feeling, that others get too little screen time (heck I, personally, want more Luna and would love to see Trixie get a spotlight once more), she needs to have most lines or she would stop being focus of the show. And she was that from episode 1. I think, if she were to stop being main protagonist, the show would become different. Maybe it wouldn't be bad but let's face it, some people in this fandom would start whining how she "gets too little time". And everyone wants to avoid this whining.
  10. Personally, I have mixed feelings on that matter. There is no denying that it's good entertainment (provided, you aren't turned off by style), but is it teaching good morals? For the most part I think so, however, I do remember seeing few, shall I say, not very good messages or at least the ones that could be interpreted wrong way. Of course, it's not like it never happened to other shows for kids. Still, I do recall seeing some of them and cringing quite badly. At the moment, I can't really judge as I simply don't remember exact examples. However, I am working on the review series for MLP, so I guess I'll be more capable of answering in the future.
  11. As @@Singe, said, magic can override laws of reality. And as I pointed out in my first post, there had to have passed at least a few months. If they did not starve by then, I don't think they will just because of lack of sunlight. @@Firedog, who is to say that we see everything when Celestia is shown? We actually see very little of Celestias interaction with her subjects. The royalty will always impose some taboos onto their subjects. @@ANGEL, what is so horrible about it?
  12. As I pointed out, night had to had lasted at a very least few months. I don't know exact numbers but I'm quite sure 1 one month without sun in our world and we would have a problem (not to mention unbearable coldness it would cause). And I don't think we see enough of Luna doing official stuff to judge her as a politician.@@Sporemane, you raise a fair point. It would be really cool to explore that (or any other) alternate universe a bit more. Then again, we don't really see lower classes in any other episode, do we? The lowest class pony in mane six would be Applejack (I think). And she has a very successful monopoly over apples in Ponyville so I don't think she exactly qualifies. We literally can judge Celestia only by what she seems.
  13. While I agree that her rule would be a dictatorship, imo it wouldn't differ much from what was happening in medival times. The previous king was weak so someone stronger came and took his place. That's it. I know word dictator has a very pejorative stigma (and for good reasons) but that doesn't necessarily mean people ponies would have bad lives under her rule.
  14. After watching season 5 finale a question came to my mind. Would Nightmare Moon be really a terrible ruler? An obvious answer seems to be "yes". After all, she imprisoned Celestia and brought about the Eternal night. But what does that entail, exactly? As we see in Cutie Remark, the lack of sunlight does not kill all the plants, again showing how different the world of the show is from our. Someone might say, "But she might just took over!". The problem with that is, awakening of Nightmare Moon was first thing that happened in the show. So even if all episodes were a showcase of everyday since Twilight came to Ponyville, there still would have passed at least a few months. Enough for plants to start dying. This does not exactly prove that she's not "bad" ruler but certainly makes saying that night eternal would be "horrible" look like a bit of overstatement. Let's look like her motives for becoming Nightmare Moon to begin with. She loved her subjects but felt that they didn't like her in the slightest. Nowhere was said that she would stop caring abut them (well, at least when it comes to matters other than sun-and-moon-raising business). In her castle we don't exactly see anyone unhappy (hell, RD looks like she's very much into her job). The most we see is Rarity being.. busy. I don't know abut you but I would be upset as well if someone who I don't know came up to me while I was doing my job and started talking to me like I'm their friend, and spewing some nonsense. As far as I'm aware there is nothing saying she would be a bad ruler. So, any thoughts?