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  1. Hey, thanks for those suggestions! Toy Wiz looks really awesome, and they ship internationally! That's really great! Unfortunately none of the toys r us's here have anything decent in terms of pony toys, besides the ones I mentioned. Online is pretty much the only way for me to go.
  2. Hey all! Man it's been a while since I've posted here I was wondering where you all go to get your pony supplies online. Living in Canada it's all but impossible to find any MLP stuff besides the mane 6 (- fluttershy) 2" figs or the standard brushables. I'm talking about Brony shirts, bags, posters, customs and the blind bag figures such as Lyra and Carrot Top, and the new 3-piece sets. Ebay is a decent place to shop, and I know Amazon has a high reputation (I've never used it before) but it can be tricky to narrow down your searches to find exactly what you want. When I run the search on Amazon for instance, it doesn't show half the stuff that I know they do sell through other links I've encounters (such as on the sidebar of EqD). So I'm wondering if anyone has a good site they like to go to for all their pony needs? I really need to finish my blind bag collection Thanks!
  3. Draft stretched his wings. "Good idea! I'll go find the royal guard and warn them about all the changelings!!" He took to the air and flew in the direction of Canterlot Castle, disappearing behind a tower spire.
  4. (sorry I'm a little lost at the moment, thanks website issues! Is Storm Surge with them right now but disguised as a normal pony? For some reason I thought she was following them at a distance, unseen. They don't know she's a changeling, though?) Draft shook his head. "I'm...I'm sorry, I'm just kind of frazzled over everything that just happened."
  5. "So," Draft began, "you're not a changeling, then? How did you do this magic?"
  6. Website troubles make Jack a dull boy

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  7. The captain nodded slowly and leaned over to pick up and admire the piece of the meteorite. "As you command, sire," he said, still glaring at the 'prince,' "glory to the hive." The rest of the changelings all gathered around the captain as Draft and the others followed the changeling prince back through the underground hallways. "Okay," Draft said once they were outside earshot of the changelings, "what in Equestria is going on!?"
  8. The changeling captain stared down the Changeling "Prince" while Draft gathered up all his scattered scrolls and ink, watching the two with great interest. At last the Captain bowed his head and took a step back. "Very well," he hissed through his fangs, "your highness. Please forgive my insubordination." The captain nodded to his soldiers and they stood down. "I trust you shall leave the shards of the meteorite in my care, to return to our Queen?" he said, reaching for the saddlebags on Electro's back, "and, if I may be so bold as to inquire, what are your plans for the rest of these...friends of yours?"
  9. The captain bowed his head, reluctantly. "My apologies, my prince...unfortunately," he said, standing tall again, "I am under strict orders to discuss the plans for the meteorite with no one other than the queen...unless of course, they bear the royal insignia, a design known by none save Hive Royalty and the captains of the guard." He took a menacing step forward. "surely you would not object to showing me the insignia? Forgive me," he chuckled as the other changelings closed in a little, "but, as I'm sure you're aware, extra precautions must be taken to ensure authenticity in a society of shape-shifters." (Ooh, this is getting intense! Sadly, I have to leave! D: I'm off to see the Avengers Feel free to finish this for me, Midnight, or anypony else! I'm interested in seeing where you take it! See you guys later!)
  10. The Changeling captain was taken aback. "But...your Highness, I...forgive me, I didn't..." Then his eyes narrowed. "If you'll permit me, sire," he said with a snarl, "but I have been reporting directly to Queen Chrysalis herself. Has she not informed you of her plans for the hive?"
  11. Draft watched in frightened frustration as the changelings rooted through his satchels, tossing aside his manuscripts and notes with callousness. They searched him first since he was at the front of the pack, and luckily he didn't have any pieces of the meteorite with him, but when they moved on to search Electrobolt he closed his eyes, knowing full well that he had at least one piece of the celestial rock on his body. Suddenly the room fell silent, and Draft opened one eye to see Midnight walk boldly into the center of the room. Draft barely caught himself from shouting Midnight's name. The captain of the changelings stepped forward. "What do we have here?" he smirked, "a volunteer?"
  12. Rough Draft swallowed. "Uh...Met-meteorite?? What...uh, what meteorite?" The changeling struck him. "Do not play the fool's part with me! We sense its power emanating from you all! Where did it fall? Has it been moved?" The changeling captain squinted. "Do you ponies...have a piece of it with you?" The entire room filled with the excited buzzing of tattered wings and hisses of hungry fangs. "Uh," Stammered Draft, "n-n..." "I highly suggest you cooperate," said the changeling, "else we shall make your lives more miserable than you can imagine!" he nodded to one of the other creatures, and with a flash of green it transformed into Draft's image, a wicked grin plastered on the copy's face. "We wouldn't want you to be convicted of crimes you didn't commit, now would we? Oh, the ways we can bring the world of ponies to their knees!" sang the beast, hovering in the air, "so, TELL ME! Do you have a piece of the meteorite!?" Nopony answered. "Very well," hissed the captain, "search them. And pray to your princess that we do not find a piece of the meteorite on your puny bodies."
  13. One of the creatures - a Changeling, Draft finally realized, based on their descriptions in the books he'd read - stepped forward, its fangs bared and its horn sheathed beneath a deep purple helmet. "A fine trap we've sprung," it hissed, its voice unfeeling and spiteful, "no doubt your families will feed us many days." Draft swallowed. He'd read about this this sort of thing many times, he'd even written about it, but never in a thousand years did he ever hope to be surrounded by these beasts of shadow. "But," the changeling said, pacing a little, "there is a matter more urgent for us to address." It leaned in close and Draft stopped breathing. "Where is the meteorite?" snarled the changeling.
  14. Draft stumbled to his hooves and shook the stars out of his eyes. "are...are you okay?" he asked the mare, "are you hurt?" He walked a little closer to the pony, who stood against the wall, looking remarkably calm. "I'm...okay," she said, unblinking. Draft moved a little closer. "Oh, good," he sighed, "now lets get out of here!" "Actually..."said the mare, beginning to smile, "you're not going anywhere." With a flash of green the mare melted away to reveal a hideous black creature, fanged and with large, unfeeling eyes standing before them. A buzzing sound came from above and Draft looked up to see the entire ceiling covered in these creatures, their tattered wings fluttering as they watched the ponies below. Draft, his face as pale as the moon, took a step back and all the beasts fell to the floor and surrounded the group, hissing and laughing. They forced them into the center of the room and locked the door. "Oh crud," muttered Draft.
  15. Draft licks his lips nervously. "All right," he said, "STAND BACK FROM THE DOOR! ONE, TWO, THREE!" Getting a little bit of extra speed from his wings he charged for the door with the others and smashed into it. The lock cracked and splintered as the door swung violently on its rusty hinges, revealing a dark room with a pale blue mare, her deep purple mane in tatters standing against the far wall. Draft and the others tumbled in head over hooves onto the floor and she watched them with wide, tired eyes.