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  1. I think the problem of this server is not really the updates or the lack of updates. It's more the destruction of player's builds which happens at each updates, this policy caused numerous others servers to die, and i talk by experience ! I know this server allows player to port over builds, but the problem with this is how the limitations are set: the more you build, the more you loose, so it discourage players to invest time in big builds when they reach the limit. Also the big issue is the "anti city" policy: why refusing to port over several buildings if they are under the block limitation ? Cities are communities inside community of the server, they bring activity and keep the server alive, having a pro city policy would helps the server a lot ! Maybe the time has come to realize how much damages the resets did to the server's activity, drop them and allows players victims* of this to come back with their build/cities. *large builds destroyed and some players were banned because they complained.
  2. It's because you have the version 1.11 of minecraft (It got released on 14 november) and the server accept only versions from 1.08 to 1.10, change the version in your profile before launching the game to access it.
  3. Ga3L

    1.9 Map Download?

    There is also another way to save builds that are around you when you play : World Downloader : It will create a world containing exactly what you visited.
  4. Well, it's been like 3 months now, the whole summer passed with this situation of uncertainty about the map which lead to no longer players big projects during this time (and summer is generally a good period to launch or improve one, as student players have more free time). Don't you think it's time to come to a peace with big and passionated builders ? By lifting and improving the last change of rules (cf : my explainations before on this topic), it would make the time between now and the reset more useful for those builders and make them come back to build a new future, it would be an instant improving of server's activity without even having to actually release anything ! The best way to consolidate the frequentation spike at the release of 1.10 is having towns ready very soon to welcome new players, players coming in towns have better chance to stay as they feel integrated in the community, there is also less risk of neighbouring problems as they build according to town's land and rules instead of doing something in the wild on another player's wanted land. Big builders are contributing for free to the server's general activity, let's encourage them to continue by helping them to pass the map change without too much damages !
  5. Well it's very hard for me to consider as a gift my own creation, when i go to a birthday party, i don't offer to the host something which already belong to him. For the unfair thing, i don't understand your conception of unfairness, i don't see why having an already built town is an unfair advantage to a player who join the server if the town was built with legit materials and in survival. When i joined the server in September, there was already huge towns here and it didn't prevented me to start my own town. In the real life, when you start a business, you are in competition with older ones which can be extremely big, you won't ask Facebook or Google to close because you want to launch your own thing. Also here i'm not asking to port the full town, i'm just asking the staff to choose rules that don't hurt too much mayors and towns, the first rules were good for me as it was possible to save the biggest builds and store materials to rebuild the smaller ones with help of citizens. But the seconds ones totally ruin this chance while not capable to prevent economy destruction by malicious players (cf : the explantations I made). Yes i saw that players don't complain a lot here (which is not the case on others servers), but saying they all accept reset is false, some of them are afraid to stand up against it, some others think it's pointless to debate with the staff as the decision is already made. When i was playing, i saw several players which were old mayors or big builders who abandoned building because of the reset, some of them just come like once a month to check the server (like i do lately) and directly said the reset was the reason of their leave. One of the proof of that is the reduction in the number and size of towns, you said there were towns far larger than mine in the past, it's probably no longer the case because mayors who built it left the server or stopped doing town because of resets. For innovation and improvement, i admit that the staff is doing a really great work compared to others server i know. But the problem of creation loss is a really big thing for me, my projects are generally huge and without a determined end, i get happier when town grow, has new possibilities etc ... In a nutshell i don't get bored of my creations after a few month. One really great improvement would have been to be a "resetless" server, this would surely attract big builders (the reason why i joined this server is because i believed this was the case because of a misunderstanding as explained above). Talking of "Kindness of your heart" because allowing to transfer one build is a bit strange for me, because the others creations which belong to players are still destroyed without their consent. This is just a reset which is less worse than a full one, but depending on the player's profile, the level of hurt is not the same : A mayor or big builder loose a lot, an underground builder loose all, someone who just made one build don't loose anything, is it really fair ? I don't think i'm better or above the rules, i just pointed problems and flaw that the rules are posing, i just think the rules can be improved to prevent more economy destruction and have less side effect on player's creations. And i proposed rules that would solve the problems And no i'm not directly linking my return to those decisions, but i just think it's pointless for me to continue to come and build with that reset coming. I will probably return after it, probably using my townhall as a house because doing a town again under those conditions don't seems a good idea for me ... About the warning, the thing is that staff and some players used the server a lot to push the reset as being a good thing and unavoidable, so it felt a bit like pro-reseters can use the server as they want to express their opinion but anti-reseters can just stick to the forum (which is way less seen by players). I understand that the staff has others thing to do than participating a reset debate, but generally when i don't want to participate a debate, i just no longer answer it. Here the staff stepped in any debate about reset (even in private messages which were not addressed to staff !) and after a bit of talking, just started to threat of warning about it ... I never required staff to participate the reset debate !
  6. PerishSong, i accept your excuses about the lies, i won't make any reference to it in the future (including this post). Well i can give a good read to the transfer rules, even several good read, and think about it (when i am bored, not every-time xD), i still don't understand the sense and the reasons of some of them : For what i have understand, those rules are here to prevent any player from having unfair advantage with the economy on the new map, or messing with the economy. What i realize is that the current rules fails to guarantee that, but some of the rules hurt a lot the mayors and their towns, which is not the intended objective if i'm right. I'll explain first how the current rules can be bend to destroy economy but hurt certain type of players and in the second time, i'll give ideas which are more efficient against economy destruction and less destructive to towns and mayors. So the major risk to the economy is the presence of anything rare/valuable inside the ported area, the non-transferred materials rules already lower this risk a lot, the remaining materials are mostly materials constructions, some of them are a bit rare while some others are not. So the current economic risk is the following : - Selling remaining rare blocks that were ported over. - Selling the building itself (or part of it). The one million block rules itself make sense for that purpose as no more than one million blocks (containing possibly rares items) can be transferred. But i don't understand why we still have the "one build rule" along with the million block rules : Why would 4 houses (which are 4 buildings) of 10 000 blocks each be more economic-threatening than a big building of one structure ? The big building respect the rule but has way more blocks. This "One building" rule is the first example of a rule that has no effect on the economy protection but has strong effect to towns because it prevent a mayor (or a player) to save a little house district. Regarding server's performance, porting 4 houses of X blocks is the same as porting a big building of the same amount of blocks. For the underground and basement limitation, i also don't understand : because the ores and valuables are removed, it's not possible to sneak valuables to have them ported, so regarding the economic block risk, there is no difference between overground and underground. So this rule don't add any economic protection but is a bit unfair to the players who built underground bases thinking it would be ported. Also the basement limitation is a bit confusing itself, you take the "apparent" level of ground to calculate the 10 blocks limits, except if that level is under the current biome height ? but what if that biome mean level was under and the player actually added the ground around ? Also yes, there is underground clutter, but i would say it's the player's problem to ruin his own underground, i don't see any problem with that because it's not possible to take profit of it and because it's underground, it's also not visible on the map. About the "server stress", yes underground has generally more blocks than overground, but it's not always the case : an underground can have cubic form with mostly air inside and a building can be filled with stuff (i even had some staff and players encouraging me to not leave useless gaps inside buildings or under roads to reduce the lag). Regarding the stored game data, air is a block so transferring one million blocks of air is roughly the same as one million of smooth stone. For the stockpiling rule, what is the actual definition of a stockpile ? Something like i did ? Yes my storage house was a stockpile, which was not made to destroy economy as i said in my previous post. But yes i can't prove that before the transfer (but there is solutions to prevent me to make a bad use of it as i'll explain after). Now let's imagine a player building a tower out of quartz, an actually nice tower, which comply with all the rules (less than one million blocks, not underground, it don't has any stockpile in it, the player own it etc ...). The player ask to transfer that tower, and when it's transferred, he mine it out and start selling quartz to every players, and become rich. Yes, the tower itself WAS the stockpile, and he just destroyed quartz market while complying all the rules. If the stuff is easy to get at the new map, just let us be stupid and waste our time mining stockpile instead of the outside ressources ... For the last problematic rule : the forbidden blocks replaced by air instead of wool : Well, stockpiling valuables to get wool is not really useful as wool is obtained faster by shearing sheep than mining wool blocks, so again no economic protection. but replacing forbidden blocks by non-air blocks can be useful for another purpose : If we have a redstone circuitry, the powder will be replaced with wool blocks so we can repair it faster by replacing wool blocks back by powder when we have it. For air, we have to determine where the wire was. If the problem is the wool itself, it's also possible to replace with cobblestone or dirt, it's still better than air for circuitry purpose. So i explained the problems, here's comes some ideas to solve it : The important point is preventing players to take profit from the transferred building, so here are two extremely simple rules : - It's forbidden to sell any block that was ported over. - It's forbidden to sell any location that was ported over (building or room). To enforce the first point, it's simple : if you have doubt with a player about a specific block, let say quartz : First, gather 3 figures from the server logs (i know it was possible in the past with logblock, it should be even easier now). - X = the number of quartz blocks that the player mined in total. - Y = the number of quartz blocks that the player mined inside the ported building. - Z = the number of quartz block the player sold (or put for sale in any shop). It's illegal if Z > X-Y, if this equation is true, at least one block sold was ported over before. For the second point, it's just chat log and usage of the building checking. Those rule guarantee that any stockpile won't be used to destroy economy, so with this, it's possible to drop the rules that don't give any economic protection : the strict one building rule, the stockpiling rule, the underground basement and the air replacement one. Also the last point, i don't see why talking about this on the server is an offense, we weren't destroying something, we weren't being mean to a player, we just don't agree to staff on the specific reset decision, i and duff got "awared" a warning for discussing the exact points mentioned above. Yes i talked a lot about it, and complained about it, but how would you feel if you were told that towns were ported over during resets (the reason why i came to the server in the first place, told by a friend which was misunderstood), after i'm told that the town would be ported if it get a warps (the reason why i continued it, i hoped i would make it good enough to pass the reset without destructions, it was said by a staff which also got misunderstood). After i'm told that in the worst case, i would be able to port over one building unregarding it size and including the chests contents (like the old resets). After that i'm told that for the items, it's a no but my townhall would still be fully saved, including the basement and subway under it (this was also validated by a staff), so i saw it as a way to not suffer too much from the reset with the stockpile used to rebuild lost buildings quicker. And now there is those rules added at early June which don't change a lot the economic risk, but ruins several months of works for mayors. I helped the staff's project on Equestria and Canterlot, so the only thing i hoped in return is a bit of compassion and a willing from staff to prevent too much destructions on player's projects which are not nothing, yes we have less responsibilities on the server but the amount of hours spent to build those projects can also be huge ! (900 actual hours for me, if it was an IRL work, it would have taken 6 months). And for those saying i'm returning, it's not true, i just checked the server two times during one month to see if something changed, but that warning will actually prevent me to even come, if we can't say anything there ...
  7. Well i'm not coming back nor ask for any change of the last rules, i just want to stop some rumors that some peoples are spreading about me and about the reasons why i left the server : - I have NEVER smuggled/hidden diamond blocks inside my townhall, the only diamond blocks i placed here are the two next to the chest containing my diamond in the storage room (which is around 32 diamond blocks, i don't have more).I would appreciate that the one who launched this rumor could come back there and check who placed them with the logs and when it was placed, because it's not me : there is like 10 players having buildings rights in this townhall area, and i'm sure that the one who placed them did it way before the reset announcement. I am not that stupid to think that staff will remove the banned blocks by hand and won't see any blocks hidden inside the build. I am also not trying to get tons of wool blocks by placing banned blocks, for a simple reason : shearing sheeps is faster than mining wool blocks and uses less durability to the shears. - I didn't founded the RA (Rehabilitation Association), i was just an active member of it, i was thinking it was a really good idea because it could motivate players to stay on the server after the update and keep us being active until the reset. It was also a way to soften the loss and destructions caused by it. My contribution to it was to talk about it to others players because every RA member can invite another one, to build the stockpile room for construction materials and also i planned to share the current town's storage room to RA members to store the items what will be mined and shared after the update. - For the stockpile, i didn't encouraged anyone to do that, i just did it and some others players did it too, some because they saw my storage, some did it just by themselves because it's the logical thing to do to not lose the materials. I didn't visited all others stockpiles and i did mine openly because i wasn't seeing it as an exploit of the system, just as a slim compensation to the huge loss : 5 km of road, dozens of buildings, lots of parks, the carnival etc ... Also i didn't planned to sell any of the items in the stockpile after the reset, my goal is not money, i stored mainly the items that are useful for me and common in builds. The goal of the stockpile was to give to RA members the needed materials when they need it after the update, not one month later because they have to wait until i have rebuilt all the facilities (farm, tree farm etc ...). - I would have accepted to abandon my stockpiling room, but the new "anti storage room" rules have strong side effect that ruins totally unrelated thing that are too much loss for me : - The banned blocks converted into air instead of wool cause the loss of every sign that i placed in the chests of my storage room, it also remove every redstone powder leading to no longer know where the wire were, there is tons of redstone circuitry in townhall, it's not to smuggle it to 1.9 or generate wool, it's an actual circuitry that allows me to turn on and off the light in rooms of the townhall. - The block limit no longer cover my townhall, after a staff member said that transfering my townhall was okay, including garden and basement (which contains the subway station which was a pain in the butt to build). - The basement limit rule cut off mine, adding more loss. - To the players saying that i wanted to use that reset to do unfair competition with my town, it's totally false, the ones who knows me also knows how much i was against the reset. I don't build a town to be the first one of the map, i build it because i like having a running town that continously expand and in which i create, improve and test new things. My dream was to have a decently sized modern town, and this need lots of time. Well, now i will just say Farewell all, just don't spread lies about me.
  8. Here is mine IGN : Ga3L Nickname : MayorGa3LQuimby
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