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  1. I think the problem of this server is not really the updates or the lack of updates. It's more the destruction of player's builds which happens at each updates, this policy caused numerous others servers to die, and i talk by experience ! I know this server allows player to port over builds, but the problem with this is how the limitations are set: the more you build, the more you loose, so it discourage players to invest time in big builds when they reach the limit. Also the big issue is the "anti city" policy: why refusing to port over several buildings if they are under the block lim
  2. It's because you have the version 1.11 of minecraft (It got released on 14 november) and the server accept only versions from 1.08 to 1.10, change the version in your profile before launching the game to access it.
  3. Ga3L

    1.9 Map Download?

    There is also another way to save builds that are around you when you play : World Downloader : http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2520465-1-10-1-9-4-1-8-9-world-downloader-mod-create It will create a world containing exactly what you visited.
  4. Well, it's been like 3 months now, the whole summer passed with this situation of uncertainty about the map which lead to no longer players big projects during this time (and summer is generally a good period to launch or improve one, as student players have more free time). Don't you think it's time to come to a peace with big and passionated builders ? By lifting and improving the last change of rules (cf : my explainations before on this topic), it would make the time between now and the reset more useful for those builders and make them come back to build a new future, it would be an i
  5. Well it's very hard for me to consider as a gift my own creation, when i go to a birthday party, i don't offer to the host something which already belong to him. For the unfair thing, i don't understand your conception of unfairness, i don't see why having an already built town is an unfair advantage to a player who join the server if the town was built with legit materials and in survival. When i joined the server in September, there was already huge towns here and it didn't prevented me to start my own town. In the real life, when you start a business, you are in competition with older o
  6. PerishSong, i accept your excuses about the lies, i won't make any reference to it in the future (including this post). Well i can give a good read to the transfer rules, even several good read, and think about it (when i am bored, not every-time xD), i still don't understand the sense and the reasons of some of them : For what i have understand, those rules are here to prevent any player from having unfair advantage with the economy on the new map, or messing with the economy. What i realize is that the current rules fails to guarantee that, but some of the rules hurt a lot the ma
  7. Well i'm not coming back nor ask for any change of the last rules, i just want to stop some rumors that some peoples are spreading about me and about the reasons why i left the server : - I have NEVER smuggled/hidden diamond blocks inside my townhall, the only diamond blocks i placed here are the two next to the chest containing my diamond in the storage room (which is around 32 diamond blocks, i don't have more).I would appreciate that the one who launched this rumor could come back there and check who placed them with the logs and when it was placed, because it's not me : there is like 1
  8. Here is mine IGN : Ga3L Nickname : MayorGa3LQuimby
  9. Buffy

    Welcome to MLP Forums Ga3L. I hope you have a great time here /)

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