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  1. DR_DUFF128

    1.9 Map Download?

    (I hope you are aware that you're asking for a several-Gigabyte-download) But would be nice anyways^^
  2. Dat pic wasnt related to the Topic-Updates :I
  3. I've seen lots of different situations/discussions on this server and other servers to say in all honest, that me and ga3l were one of those who got warned as fast as possible after all of that compared with other players who were able to discusss that for even a few hours (without getting a 'warnin'). I am just gettin more this feeling that the staff have been out of arguments and just overreacted (but thats just my viewpoint) And beeing warned drives up the possibility that i get banned so it defenetly affects my in-game play. (even if you just use this page as a 'notepage')
  4. I only wanna write these words to this conversation here: What about Ga3l's words about the freedom of speech? And i wanna hear a VALID reason for my last warning. have fun
  5. "Where the sun rises, and the night falls" by DR_DUFF128
  6. I will just join a town to build a giant castle (that should keep me busy enough for some months). :3
  7. Smols are 11/10 :3 *HD-Skin by tiberius
  8. Welcome to MLP Forums DR_DUFF128. I hope you have a great time here /)

    1. DR_DUFF128


      thanks alot. nice weekend^^

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