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  1. Killing pigmen, as usual.
  2. Will your overall rank go down if you spend bits, or is the idea for it to be a total number of bits gained regardless of spending? And if it's the latter, will points gained in trades count or will it just be points gained from the big bit bucket in the sky (time, mobs, events, etc)? I guess, to word it more succinctly, which bit transactions will affect your rank, and how are rank and bits correlated? Lastly, will rank be displayed upon login still? And if so, which rank(s)? Also hai orca!
  3. I'd personally still choose Pegasus for the faster flight, but I do see the point there since that buffed Dragon would be a powerhouse during wither events.
  4. I'm assuming they want to keep a more survival-esque atmosphere, so I doubt they will do this across all classes. It would make sense to have one class with this power though (maybe dragon since dragons hoard things?).
  5. Your current profile is set to automatically use the latest version. Version 1.9 came out about a week ago, and this server is still using the 1.8 family, so you need to downgrade from within the Minecraft launcher in order to access the server. Click "New Profile", and under "Use Version:" change it to "Release 1.8.9". Click "OK" and you should be all set, as long as this profile is selected whenever you want to join the server. Sometime in the future the server will update to 1.9, but this is likely months in the future.
  6. DashKetchum

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Right now it's this song by Zedd... good artist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgGjUjQRAxw
  7. Recently quite a few of the staff have been talking about a map reset for 1.9. I've heard that an economy plugin is tentatively planned for survival, among other things. It would be awesome to discuss logistics etc for 1.9 here... staff can feel free to weigh in with tentative and/or confirmed features as well. Also, keep in mind that it is very likely the reset won't be for a while... after 1.9 is released (which the date hasn't even been announced for yet), they need some time to come out with the server plugins we will be using. But still ideas are welcome because it's currently in acti
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