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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Man I really need more people to RP with. Add me on steam or Discord!

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      95% Chance

      Or hell, just PM me if you don't want the aforementioned methods.

  3. Haha! Finally got around to making a banner for two characters.

  4. Luna is overrated.

  5. Happy Decemberween, dweebs!

  6. Anchors Aweigh is Troubleshoes sized He's a big guy
  7. I can't stop dancing, I'm so full of energy. I'm feeling great

  9. Props to Great Britain leaving the EU, I can always appreciate some independence earned through democracy.

    1. Golbez


      So why is everyone in Britain panicking then?

    2. Dsanders


      It was a close tie. With 52% to 48%. The protesters likely make up that 48%. Not everyone is panicking and but it seems the 48% are the ones raging in the streets about it.

  10. You ever just get that gut feeling that something is off? Or that something is wrong somewhere, but can't quite place it? Is there a word for that?

  11. "I wish my hair didn't keep getting in my eyes. Man I hope I'm not smiling right now. Is it sunrise or sunset. I can't tell, my fucking hair is in the way."
  12. Fresh out of the shower and I still look as if I've not gotten sleep for the past 2 years. Love it -w-
  13. I'm glad I'm on break from Uni right now, or I'd be really ashamed of accidentally co-oping Resident Evil 5 until 7AM. Now I'm just ashamed in general!

  14. Aha! Thank you very much! I'm loathe to admit it, but while I had the concept for two brothers in my head for a awhile, Steel was not as well done as I'd hoped he could be, to say he was an afterthought isn't the right word, and it was more or less the fact that I was more focused on fleshing out Anchors, so Steel didn't get my full attention. I'll keep your recommendations in mind moving forward!
  15. Hello there! I suppose I'd say that I'm simply here out of curiosity. I've seen your posts in other threads around the OC Help area and they're very well informed and insightful! I'm a firm believer in the fact that a character still has more room to grow after creation, so if you don't mind me submitting a two pack of double trouble OCs, I'd be delighted to hear some commentary and critique on them. I'll also pop the link to their character sheets after the form, because there's far too much to put on that form, sadly! Name- Anchors Aweigh Personality- Overall, Anchors Aweigh is a nice, helpful stallion that, while a bit on the quiet side, is not without a big warm heart and care for his fellow ponies. Even though his inherent helpful and slightly oblivious nature can get him into some sticky situations, he is never without a plan (even if that plan may not be the best course of action). He holds a deep respect and love for his mother, and almost the polar opposite for his brother. This seafaring stallion is a quiet giant that makes a firm, lifelong friend once you get past his somewhat off-putting silence. Bio- One of two brothers born in a small hamlet in Horseshoe Bay, this brother devoted his life to his passion of sailing after given a bit of "sea fever" by his father. After his father passed away at sea he decided to carry on the same legacy, constructing a hybrid ship made from salvaged parts of his father's boat and his own materials. None too fond of his brother who doesn't share the same attitude on what's best for their family. Appearance- Anchors Aweigh is a large, workhorse-esque Earth Pony stallion. For a height reference I'd picture him roughly slightly taller than Big Macintosh, but not by much. His coat is a sort of light sea green, with his mane and tail being a more dodger blue color. His eyes are more of a dull golden hue. He sports a rather messy, unkempt mane and tail, it being given its usual windswept look by being out at sea. He can also be seen 90% of the time with a short beard along his jaw and chin. Like most workhorse type stallions, he also has fetlocks upon his hooves. (Also going to pop down a link to an image of him. Not gonna embed it because I work on massive canvases in GIMP and it'd mess with the format! http://i.imgur.com/1Cd0OXF.png ) Cutiemark- A dark gray anchor, with a light brown rope threaded through and draped around it. https://mlpforums.com/page/eqw-characters/_/approved/anchors-aweigh-r385 Name- Steel Vaults Personality- Hedonistic and flirtatious, while at the same time a shrewd businesspony and manipulator. Abrasive, but not indefinitely so, and host to a surprisingly softer side that many rarely see. Bio: The other of the two brothers born on the coast in Horseshoe Bay, Steel Vaults preferred to stay at home and help his mother around the house while his brother and father were out at sea. He believed that education was a much more important aspect of life, but understood his brother's love for the open ocean. At least up until their father's untimely death. Their disagreement caused a rift between the two and Steel eventually went off to pursue higher education instead, where he would begin to take on the traits that made him who he is today. Appearance- Steel Vaults is workhorse-esque in stature, sharing the same muscular, Earth Pony build as his brother. He sports an Indigo coat and wine red mane/tail, both of which he keeps groomed to the best of his ability, though it's not without some errant messiness that runs in his family. His eyes are a piercing green color, complementing his coat perfectly. Like most stallions of his stature, he sports fetlocks along his hooves. He is never seen without wearing any formal attire, his favorite of which is a white dress shirt and black vest, with a red tie to accentuate the outfit. ( http://i.imgur.com/FG8Drzo.png ) Cutiemark- A grey vault door bearing lighter grey accents. https://mlpforums.com/page/eqw-characters/_/approved/steel-vaults-r405