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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Allow me to introduce you both to another OC I designed to be Celestia's youngest son. Here is Heat Blitz. He's what his brothers would call the "cinnimon roll" of the family. A real sweetheart. He's a very peaceful young stallion and has a sharp mind when it comes to studying and he reads for fun.
  3. Hiya girls, and you too, Spike. What are your favorite love songs?
  4. Starlight, did you ever help Twilight build a book fort?
  5. Celestia, how do you and your sister manage to look so beautiful and cute at the same time? Were you just born that way?
  6. And it's that kind of cuteness that makes me want to give you both hugs
  7. Now then, for the obvious question, how do you two ponies manage to get away with being so cute? My addition question for Twilight is... did you know you looked adorable when you were eating those hay burgers?
  8. that is true, but it's our imperfections that make us all perfect in our own ways
  9. He was and raised on a wheat farm by his dad and he's very respectful towards others. He believes hard work goes a long way
  10. I'd like to introduce you all to another young fellow. Say hello to Ground Breaker
  11. Trust me, the character I showed prefers to put others needs before his own. Though, he does have his flaws
  12. This is for both the a-dork-able bookworm and Glim-Glim and I'm just speaking hypothetically: what if you happen to meet this stallion and come to find out he's Princess Celestia son and is nothing like her nephew, Prince Blueblood
  13. Heat Blitz takes me out for a few picnics in the park. He also took me to the movies and to my favorite burger joint. I even got to go to Equestria Land at one point and he won me a stuffed owl toy. I named it Owlolicious. Other times, I took him out to go sing karaoke and introduced him to my parents. We had a nice dinner, but my brother was having a hard time thinking he was as good as I made him out to be. When he bombarded Heat Blitz with all these questions, he ducked under the table, covering his head. It was so embarrassing and rude. I told Shining Armor that Heat Blitz is a pacifist. He did apologize to me aterwards, though. As for our future plans, I'm hoping that one day after we graduate high school, we can get our own place and then in near future... we could actually get married. *giggle* you're really sweet.
  14. For my free time, I usually play my flute. It was an heirloom I got from my departed grandmother. I... usually like to cuddle with my stuffed animals in my room. Sometimes... I like looking at the dolls Limestone made for me. What I like about Marble is this: She's not only the cutest mare I've met, in fact, when I first met her, I could tell she was sad. I saw she was empty inside when I gazed into her eyes, so I did exactly what I thought was right: I was there for her. My favorite thing about Hurricane is his personality. He's kind, sweet and he's a wonderful musician. He puts my well-being before his own. He can even cook lots of yummy meals out of practically nothing, it's like magic. As for where I was traveling to, I was trying to find a nice quiet place to start a new life. It wasn't easy leaving my village, but I couldn't turn back. When I was running low on food supplies, I couldn't keep up, so I collapsed on the outskirts of the rock farm.
  15. We both value our friends and family, as well as going to our usual places to hang out: the park, arcade and the movies. The thing that's different about us is that I'm against all violence, but my brother fights in self-defense. My brother has more confidence than I do. He doesn't eat sweets because he doesn't have a sweet tooth and it makes him sluggish, but he loves spicey food. I'm the opposite: I like sweet foods every now and then, but I can't stand the heat of spicey food and if I have to eat it, I always have a glass of water on hand.