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    Modesto, CA
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    Nothing's out of reach if you've got long arms
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    nostalgic video games, anime, drawing, dogs, singing, listening to music.

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    Israel Yabuki
  1. IsraelYabuki

    A time you've felt lonely?

    Every time Valentine's Day shows up, I can't stand being around other people, so I just isolate myself from the world and play Tales of Symphonia
  2. IsraelYabuki

    How often do you view your own profile?

    I view it from time to time.
  3. IsraelYabuki

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum crush: N/A MLP Crush: Fluttershy RL Crush: what's the point, they all just get together with other guys
  4. IsraelYabuki

    Post a picture of your pet.

    Behold, my cute little fluff ball. His name is Bentley. A maltese poodle mix and a spoiled brat
  5. IsraelYabuki

    Does my new hairstyle make me look gay?

    It makes you look like you.
  6. IsraelYabuki

    Describe yourself with a single picture.

    This pretty much sums up everything about me.
  7. IsraelYabuki

    You Found a Sleeping Baby Fluttershy on Your Pillow. What do You do?

    I would raise her as my own daughter and give her lots of SNUGGIES!!!
  8. IsraelYabuki

    Post funny jokes here

    Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great Fall? To make up for a crummy Summer! LOL You know, money has always been a problem. I'm not putting ya on, I never had a penny to my name, so I changed my name. LOL I'm not apologizing for my actions, no siree. As a matter of fact, there's only one dude I take my hat off to: my barbor! LOL
  9. IsraelYabuki

    Show us your MLP Movie pony!

    Not sure if this is counts, but these are my OCs
  10. IsraelYabuki

    Do you wear any Cologne/Perfume?

    the only time I wear cologne is when there's a special occasion: weddings, quinceaneras, etc etc
  11. IsraelYabuki

    Food Do you like popcorn?

    I've loved popcorn since I was a kid and still do. My only issue is when it gets stuck between my teeth
  12. IsraelYabuki

    Are you afraid to cry?

    It gives me a sense of relief whenever I feel guilty... sad... and heartbroken.
  13. IsraelYabuki

    If you had to change your name?

    I'd change my name to either Asriel or Seth
  14. IsraelYabuki

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "You can do it, too... because after all, unlike me, you're not a failure."
  15. IsraelYabuki

    least favorite thing about your sex/gender

    Being that I'm no prince charming to any girl in my town.