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  1. I'd like to think they COULD'VE made good on that crack in the Canterlot statue that's leaking magic from the end of Legend of Everfree, since that thing's been the source of most of the plots in these specials. But nooooo, they had to drag their feet.
  2. So the series finale has come and gone..........and still no explanation. WOW, they really had no actual idea for her backstory, did they?
  3. Did some research after Eli Stone's Season 8 review on Vimeo. After checking Lauren Faust's IMDB, I have to wonder......was the team at DHX just trying to make Cozy as a ponified Darla Dimple from "Cats Don't Dance" but forgot to give a motive in the process? Lauren was an animator on that movie and the two characters look VERY alike. However, Darla HAD a motive, a simple one but a motive regardless: she was a spoiled brat who lorded her fame over everyone and did bad things to anyone who threatened her fame. Simple, but effective. Cozy Glow doesn't even have THAT.
  4. "While you were still learning how to SPELL YOUR OWN NAME....I was being trained to CONQUER KINGDOMS!"
  5. So basically, she's Scootaloo if SHE went bad, then? I was close.
  6. Another factor that might serve as an explanation: could it be she hates magic because she's a pegasus and therefore couldn't use it?
  7. Like i said, all the other villains got one except her. I get the feeling they MIGHT'VE considered one, but given the unfair backlash to Stygian, Diamond Tiara and Starlight's explanations, they had to quietly backpedal on one.
  8. Fair point. I can believe that. And in that context, that's kinda messed up to make a TDK Joker-esque villain out of a little girl. That's some Omen stuff right there.
  9. Maybe the writers were too nervous to come up with anything, given how the fanbase treated THOSE reveals. Again, WE in general might be at fault here for lack of elaboration.....
  10. I suspect an issue, a la Starlight, just one that'll probably never be explained unless the creators say otherwise.
  11. All i recall was her say was she wanted to be empress of friendship. Was there anything i forgot?
  12. That's perfectly fine. But again, as i said in the original posts, all the other villains had explained motives, no matter how simple. Cozy's the odd one out. Not even 1-2 lines of dialogue. The writers had 2 seasons to do this and the writers didn't even bother. Even if it was something as simple as she was bullied into her behavior would suffice; think Apple Bloom if SHE went bad, for example. THAT'S what they could've said! But, no.