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  1. Granted, but humans cannot go there. I wish for a dollar.
  2. If it was not Harry Potter, than no one would care about this movie.
  3. You have got to be kidding me...
  4. Why are they still making those?
  5. Oh my gosh, I hate those posts. I have seen too many "Is the fandom dying?" posts to count.
  6. Nightmare Twilight! Get on it writers!!!
  7. Oh oops! I did not know this was the PoniArcade section of the forums! I thought he was just talking about the forum in general.
  8. Wut? I think you are on the wrong forum. This is an MLP forum, not a Minecraft forum. No one talks about Minecraft here unless it is in the "Everfree Forest" section.
  9. 42 If light is the fastest thing in the universe, than how does the darkness get there first?
  10. This is why she was not in the movie:
  11. General

    I am like the Twilight Sparkle when it comes to trolls. Whenever I meet a troll, I usually reform them.
  12. It would discuss the philosophical meaning behind why TV shows are made.
  13. *Edit: OOPS, I already replied to this post. Just ignore this.