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    Life sucks, so just take the excess fluids
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    Mlp,Band, Clarinet, Singing, Arting, acting like mickey mouse, I do a pretty good impression

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  1. The last thing that I had ate was a five cheese pizza hot pocket, and boy was it good, but I hate myself more than usual now lol.
  2. TrebleSong

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    western cartoons are definitely my favorite
  3. TrebleSong

    Ask Treble Song

    Traditional by far (thats what I do) I dont really like Cgi I dont really consider that animation from what I have tried, and Flash kind of the same, using puppets is a little restricting, even though you can draw new poses.
  4. TrebleSong

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    Sorry for the late reply, but I do not plan on studying science I plan on becoming an animator, and then after that dies down joining a symphony, but if I had too. I would choose life science.
  5. TrebleSong

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    Science, by far. Its one of the only subjects I really pay attention too
  6. TrebleSong


    now dont get too excited
  7. TrebleSong

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    Favorite: Winter I love the cold, cause I never get cold Least Favorite: Summer, its hot where I live and school is out Canada
  8. Hey TrebleSong! Just wanted to welcome you to the forums!

    1. TrebleSong


      Thank you!


  9. TrebleSong


    Oh dear! It does! To an extent I guess you could say but no... we arent lol
  10. TrebleSong


    thank you! I really appreciate it! I still do mlp art from time to time, in fact it is my stress reviler, but I work hard on my characters, did you possibly check out my YouTube? My youtube is on my Deviant art page the new one and it has all of the animations that I have been working on, in preperation for the show
  11. TrebleSong

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    I would have to say season three, I feel like the writing didnt do the story justice
  12. Hey guys! I am new here, but I have a you tube channel to the upcoming internet show I am making, called Animorphia! It has characters inspired by Mlp but that is pretty much it! The channel is called Animorphia here is a link! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6rrD6k8VvX_r1F9ANi_5cA?spfreload=5 Hey and I was also wondering is there are any characters that you think that you want to voice? You have to have a good quality sounding mic. and since this all non profit, I will only be taking Volunteers! Here are some Characters that I know that I need voice actors for Charity Goodsense: ht
  13. TrebleSong

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    Honestly, weirdly, Suppernanny I would have to say my favorite music would have to be songs from the 80's (Man I wish that I was born then >.<) My favorite season would actually have to be season one, when the animation was fresh, stories the most compelling because of the new characters, everything about season 1 I absolutely love! It was also the season I was introduced to Mlp in
  14. Honestly, we can all tell that the story is coming slowly to a close, we may get a season seven, maybe, but I think that would be the closing note of the series. So how many people want this movie to be the end of it. I know that I don't want it to be the end of it. Sooner or later it will be inevitable, Rainbow is a wonderbolt, Fluttershy has progressed from being a doormat, Twilight is an Alicorn, Rarity has shops in places other than ponyville, Pinkie couldnt be happier, and Apple Jack has progressed as a character. Honestly what do you think?
  15. TrebleSong

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    Hello! My name Is Treble Song! I am a Pegasus pony and I can animate, I will do art, and I can read certain music, and make music on my trusty Clarinet! (His Name Is Squid >.<) Ask me things! (Also this is my ponysona so it will be pretty to answer!)
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