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  1. . I think by that the time the movie comes out, she'll be a main character .
  2. agreed! Your definitely right! I bet every charecter from Applejack to Zecora will be in it at some point, shortly like the season five finale. I agree with the fact they are building her up and they are doing a horrible job at it. They haven't given her much in this season, so if there trying to promote her, they are doing a horrible job.
  3. Here are my two biggest eg theories. 1.Starlight Glimmer goes to Canterlot high with twilight . Why? I have figured this because there seems to be in Starlight Glimmer of the eg world. I'm figuring this is a setup for a future scenario where Twilight and Starlight must both go to this world. Otherwise, I would think that somewhere along the way that human starlight would get a cameo. (This next one is already a major theory in the fandom, but why not) 2.Sunset Shimmer being and alicorn Why? I think we all know why. Comment your thoughts !
  4. Hey guys! I think I'm wondering as much as the next pony if Starlight Glimmer will be in the movie. Honestly, I believe that Starlight has a really good chance of being featured in the movie. Not only is she a brilliant pony with amazing development, I feel she'll make the movie even better. What do you guys think?? Comment below!! -Rose/MelodyRose
  5. I've been loving mlp lately, especially with them making Starlight Twilight's student.

  6. Welcome to MLP Forums, MelodyRose! I hope you have a great time here. /)

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