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  1. This may lose points because its a mobile game, but swordigo. No other game has made me more angry than this one. slippery controls, boring plot, boring gameplay after a while, unfair platforming and enemies, repetitive music, blocky graphics, HELLISH DIFFICULTY SPIKES (the ice level boss literally made me throw my iPad at a wall and break it) and people are hailing this as the Zelda of mobile devices?! Somepony punch me.
  2. Sounds interesting. Ill keep my eye on this.
  3. Those were your actual thoughts? I'm glad I was so accurate.
  4. I'll just leave this here: They know better than anyone on this site that if they lose the bronies, they significantly cut down their profits and watchers by more than 60%. They need us or they lose money, and that's the language corporations like them understand. So that's why they took the intense and adventurous approach and outright stated on the pilot for season 4 that twilight won't become a Mary Sue. That's why they didn't get rid of derpy. That's why the show continues to try and appeal to both us, and the original targeted demographic. Because they need us, and with that in mind, they take every, single, complaint into account, and try and find a middle ground. However, they are still a corporation. Quite honestly, I see all of this as a huge chess game, or a love hate relationship. The reason why they aren't raining flaming apples on top of us (and they can, at any time) is because, despite them wanting absolutely nothing to do with us, they need our support to keep the show alive. So they need to play their pieces right. Take out the ones that are trying to overstep their boundaries so that there isn't someone else harvesting our wallets for MLP content or rising beyond fan art. Fan work and such won't be touched, as they are relatively obscure, and away from the prying eyes of the original demographic. But if something like jananimations comes up, and it's an intense of a hit enough to be seen by someone else BESIDES us, they have to take 'legal' action. Because we all know what happened when us bronies were put into the spotlight. Do you see what I am getting at here? They may be angering us, but it is for our own good. If the brony fandom gets spotted by the original demographic in its fullest, hasbro will have no choice but to obliterate us from the face of the earth and leave no survivors. They are trying to PROTECT us. Not destroy us. If they wanted to destroy us, they would have done so by now. But there is one thing I still fear. I fear that this will share the same fate as youtube: once they have enough money from us to keep the show running for the amount of seasons that they want to, they will crush us like ants underneath their heels, seeing us as a means to an end and nothing more.
  5. The only thing I would bring is this little beauty. You know why? Because you can do this with it.
  6. What I believe in..Is myself. And god. Why I believe in god, I ask? Because god interacted with me. Its a long story. Lets just say stuff happened that would only happen in the bible and leave it at that, okay?
  7. Kingdom hearts. I mean, really? Disney and Final Fantasy thrown in a blender? I cant even believe that it worked long enough to get multiple sequels.
  8. you finally beat a game that has royally destroyed you as a kid.
  9. I usually go for normal, as it's a fair challenge that I enjoy overall. I raise the difficulty after I clear the game.
  10. Lesson Zero and Mare do well. All of it. because for some absurd reason, someponies WANTED Twi to go back to magic kindergarten because fetish art. don't look that up. also, insensitivity and up front BACKSTABBING behavior from her friends. I liked the mare do well character, but not how she/he came to be. Rainbow was also cringe worthy throughout.
  11. Race against the princess! Are you faster than the sun and moon? ....... god help us.
  12. I became a brony by complete accident. I didn't find the show, the show found me. But when I found out about it, I didn't look back.
  13. Race: Unicorn House: Something not too fancy. maybe a simple little home in Manehattan. Pet: Not sure yet, so for now, none. Job: Repaircolt, and on the occasion, Royal investigator (like an undercover officer.)
  14. It would make sense, and considering modern companies like to grind buck in little effort, its the perfect setup.
  15. Generation 4 has grossed more profits than generation 1, 2, and the generation one must not ever speak of or risk insane agonizing flashbacks combined. Being a company, they will milk every opportunity to keep this gen running, so I think this gen will continue to go until about...season 7? 8, tops. but if they do generation 5, I'm thinking it will be most of the younger chars in generation 4, only much older. Twi may still be there, I don't know. But they now know what they need to do to make sales skyrocket. If they did it once, they may do it again.