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  1. I vote on the side because you'll get ketchup on your fingers.
  2. What's this about a convention ending? Does that mean no more BronyCon?
  3. I think you're already in the right forum. Just post your idea and see what people think.
  4. Haunted Henry - Thomas the Tank Engine That episode is still enough to give me nightmares.
  5. Spooky scary Lugias

    sneasel-gold copy 3.png

  6. I don't know if there's any TTTE fans on here, but here's an edit I made of a Bachmann Lugia.

    bachmann lugia.jpg

  7. "School?" I think you misspelled prison.
  8. I've never met another fan of the show in person before, but I hope I get to someday.
  9. I don't think it's a good idea to end the show, unless they want to get raided by the entire brony community.
  10. I have Pokemon figures, cards, and games, and I love them all!