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  1. "User"

    Why is BlackGryph0n treated like a VA?

    Because there is no way you can get Michele Creber to come to a convention unless she brings BG and her parents. It's part of every contract her mother insists on and it drives up the cost because you have to pay for first class everything for all 4 of them. BG's involvement in pony stuff is minimal in comparison to all the other VA's. Nightmare Nights wanted to get just Creber but was informed they had to pay for BG and her parents so they hung up and said screw it. Don't fool yourself as to the reason why BG gets the preferred treatment when his resume even within pony is minimal. Monique Creber, to her credit though, does game the system pretty well so from a strictly business point of view good on her. If I was Michelle though as soon as I turn 18 I'd rather go solo because I'm sure I would make a lot more money going to conventions that would otherwise not invite me due to my mother insisting that everyone go.
  2. "User"

    Hey guys

    Wouldn't surprise me. I get a lot of friend requests from all sorts of ponies.
  3. MLPForums definitely got the ball rolling early and has had the status quo as most popular forum. The EQD forum isn't remotely close to being as busy and we get several times the activity in our Discord.
  4. "User"

    Hey guys

    I was intending to sign up here a while back but the thought clearly slipped my mind. I'm "User", a community administrator for the EQD Discord/forums/steam group. Outside of my EQD activities I enjoy traveling to new places, especially conventions and meeting all kinds of new people. Other interests of mine including business, baseball, investing, and typically more "traditional" activities like a good ol baseball game. Only person I'll know from here is probably Tinker so I hope to get to know more of you! Favorite pony is Trixie, followed by Glim glam, Sunset, and Lightning Dust.