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  1. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg
    MLP 30 Day challenge

    Day 10 Favorite type of pony: Pegasus
    Day 11 Favorite ship: Fluttercord
    Day 12 Favorite season: season 4
    Day 13 Favorite episode; The Perfect Pear
    Day 14 Favorite scene: The final closing scene of The Final Problem

    I am hoping to get back to watching episodes at some point int he next day or so. 

  2. I normally sleep laying on my right side fully stretched out.
  3. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg

    MLP 30 day challenge day 7
    Least favorite character: Zesty Gourmand

    Day 8
    Most relatable character: Fluttershy

    Day 9
    Least relatable character: Cozy Glow

  4. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg


    MLP 30 day Challenge day 6
    Favorite mythical creature from the show: Gryphon

  5. not in front of me at the moment. a NOAA weather radio
  6. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg

    MLP 30 day challenge day 5: Favorite Villain

    Queen Chrysalis is my favorite villain. Pretty interesting character design and a rather interesting origin.

    1. Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

      Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

      My favorate is Nightmare Mare. I like her design and she reminds me of someone in my family. 

    2. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      @Windy Breeze Nightmare Moon was a good one off villain for the series opener, but I like Chrystalis a bit more because they used her a lot more than NMM was. if they explored NMM's origins and the like a bit more, then I'd probably like her more than bugbutt.

  7. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg

    MLP 30 Day Challenge days 2, 3, and 4.

    2. Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Scootaloo.

    3. Favorite Princess: Twilight

    4. Favorite background character: Derpy

    Sorry for the lack of me being on here. Family issues have arisen the last few days.

    1. Tacodidra


      *hugs* I hope you're doing alright, my friend! :kindness:

      My choices for the second and third one are the same as yours! :kirin: And for number four, Derpy would be my second favorite behind Strawberry Scoop. ^_^

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I hope things get better soon man.

    3. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      @TacodidraDoing a bit better this evening for sure. Nice!

      @Stone Cold Steve TunaYeah, we're hoping that too.

  8. Gonna give this a try.



    MLP 30 day challenge Day one: Favorite main character

    This one is extremely tough because i'm quite literally split between two. So... i'm not choosing just one. 
    FLuttershy is much like me, shy but stands up for what she believes in. Pinkie because she's absolutely the funniest of the mane 6 and always makes me laugh when she's featured.

  9. Plan for this week

    Monday: MLP Rewatch, MLB the show 20 Grind 99
    Tuesday: Work, MLB the show 20, MLP rewatch
    Wednesday: MLB the show 20 Grind 99, Work
    Thursday. Watch the weather, MLP Rewatch
    Friday: Weather, MLB the show 20, Work

    This is the plan as of now. I may not be all that motivated, but I feel like I can get back on the horse (no pun intended) and get back to it. Also, if there is severe weather on Thursday, I won't be doing the rewatch.

  10. It definitely was a gem of an episode that allowed Fluttershy to begin to grow as a character.
  11. Hey guys, sorry about disappearing off the face of the earth this week. Been pretty bleh, so I've been taking a break from the rewatch for a few days. Gonna start it back up today before I head in for my shift at work.

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    2. Tacodidra


      It's alright, my friend! :kindness: I hope you feel better soon!

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I hope you feel better soon man!

    4. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      @TomDaBombMLP Thanks.

      @Cash In It's more like I don't have motivation to do it right now. My motivation to do anything really is at an alltime low because of the pandemic.

      @Tacodidra I hope so. It's a combination of stress, allergies, and just plain demotivation.

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna Not likely for a while.

  12. This episode allows Fluttershy to shine, and shine she does in her timid and cute way. The start of the episode consists with the typical Angel Bunny actions and ends with the first indication of the episode's subject. Good opening to the episode. THe start of the first segment features Flutters trying to get everyone's attention and the subplot of RD bouncing the ball. Of course everyone is listening to Twilight and not fluttershy. Twilight doing Twilight things with the books. The montage that follows was a brilliant way to show how each of the mane 6 prepared for their mission. And the mandatory Spike cameo for this episode takes place. Segment two begins with the ascent of the mountain. Flutters of course is being extremely timid of course. And cue the mandatory early series Pinkie breaking into song trope as well. And of course... the quietest pony causes the avalanche. This was a good segment with RD of course being a complete and total jerk to Fluttershy following the avalanche. Segment three starts off with an assessment of what each pony needs to do to save Equestria from the dragon. The other members of the mane 6 try to convince the dragon to leave the cave, eventually ending in a complete and total failure with Rainbow Dash going in and basically ticking the dragon off to the point of him charging at the problem. This was very emplicmatic of RD's egodriven personality in the early seasons of the series. But what makes this episode great is of course Fluttershy standing up to the dragon and being selectively assertive. That made this first mane 6 centered episode (outside the series opener) great. Overall, this was a great episode that set the stage for later Fluttershy assertiveness moments. RD was very overbearingly jerky in this one, but other than that, it was a very good episode. Grade: A-
  13. Taking a break from the rewatch for a couple of days. It will be returning either after I get off of work Friday night or on Saturday.

  14. The cold open was peak early series cheese, showing off the dynamic that Spike and Twi have. The episode sees the introduction of the dunces Snips and Snails, who are buying into the lies that were pitched by Trixie. Trixie's introduction was peak Trixie, as she brags heavily throughout her introductory scene. She also introduces the Ursa Major part of her story. And of course the morons Snips and Snails eat it all up. This was absolutely peak Trixie with her insufferable and constant bragging. Segment two started with the various Mane 6 members trying to show up Trixie with what they are best at, which Trixie would just use to humiliate them with. Twi continues to be adorable throughout this episode. But, what ruins this episode for me is the complete and total morons Snips and Snails continue to show just how dumb they really are. Twi just doesn't get that she wouldn't be bragging when she's defending her friends against Trixie. The two morons end up finding an 'Ursa Major'. The final segment shows just how much of a fraud that Trixie is throughout, and that Twilight had to clean up the mess (as usual). Twi was great in this segment using her magic to get what we would find out is a Ursa Minor and it showed just how great of a character that she would be moving forward. Overall, this was a good quality episode and Twilight was great in this episode. Snips and Snails were completely idiotic as well. It's a shame that Trixie didn't get another episode until season 3. Grade: B
  15. This was one of the more entertaining episodes of season 1. From the scene with Rarity's over the top whining, to spike's over the top reactions, this episode was full of early series fun. Just wish they would have brought back the Diamond Dogs for one more episode.
  16. The overuse of dweeb certainly got annoying.
  17. If it seems like a word that isn't real, then I don't use it.
  18. The cold open sets up that this is gonna be our first Pinkie/Dash centered episode. This is peak early series pinkie being pinkie and one of the episodes that made me a huge fan of her. It also led Pinkie to bond with RD over their mutual enjoyment of pranks (and of course the hiccups with Spike and Pinkie). Much of this first segment was peak RD/Pinkie pranking fun, which is what made the episode enjoyable to begin with. Gilda joins the fray and instantly I got transported into 'dweeb' land. THis part of the episode where Gilda is basically trying to pull RD away from Pinkie is one of my least favorite parts of the season. Gilda wasn't exactly a great antagonist to begin with, with her only defining variable being her 'friendship' with RD. Pinkie being persistent in her attempts to appear to Gilda als makes this episode pretty good. But... the only one worse is the part where Gilda basically screamed at Fluttershy for getting in the way. This does not make her a good antagonist, this just makes her a jerk. I know that's how they wrote her, but that's no excuse. The party was just one large prankfest to attempt to ingratiate Gilda into her new friends was a great way to end this episode. Overall, it was a nice early series episode establishing a bit of RD's past and the start of the RD/Pinkie dynamic seen throughout the entire rest of the series. It's just a shame that Gilda was in so few episodes, because she had so much potential as a character. Grade: B
  19. Blame the current generation for that garbage.
  20. Favorite video game is Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Favorite card game is solitare.
  21. I eat just about anything really. ONly things I avoid are any meat that are cooked and are pink in the middle. I just have a thing about that. Vitamin D milk is a drink I don't really care for. Anything with coconut too (except german chocolate cake). Just don't like the texture.
  22. I cannot stand this man. He's the biggest moron we've ever had as president, and i'm just going to leave it at that (before this gets any more ranty). He'll never, ever have my vote in the light of the goings on the past 3 months.