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  1. Happy Birthday my friend!:squee:

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. What of the Elements of Harmony were real do you think people would use it and on who?
  4. Is there any choice that a character made that would be hard for you for me it would be when Twilight gave up her magic for her friends to be free.
  5. What was the moment you liked most of all it made you so happy it was hard to say much about it other then "Thank you mlp for giving me this moment" for me its when Twilicorn happened
  6. As some would say IN SONG FORM They've been searching for their cutie marks for a while there trying to find out how they fit in so many ways they tried before but they kept on trying more cause the cutie mark crusaders never give in. Now they know what it took all along And their journey will never be done For it was more then just a mark its a place for them to start a new journey that had only just begun They'll make their mark they shown the world what they can do. They'll make their mark they shown the world what they can do helping others to break through to the ultimate reward of a cutie mark We're so proud of those, little ponies They've taught us a thing or two they've inspired everypony around you And they've inspired us too they've made their mark Done Equestria so proud they've made their mark And we're here to sing it loud For the ultimate reward of their cutie mark they started out just three Crusaders driven to see What they find in their hearts Discover their destiny And here they are, best friends About to start it again An adventure that never will end They'll make their mark Helping fillies most in need They'll make their mark So each one of them succeeds 'Cause the ultimate reward is a cutie mark! Sing it like the original
  7. If I wasn't a girl that gets easily excited I think I would of done the same thing
  8. I got a new Icon hurray for me!!!

  9. I admit I was most likely overeacting I admit it But I am a human not a pony.