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  1. Trixie_Coolamoon

    What was the last food you ate?

    I ate cold pizza. It was great.
  2. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I love how bananas are made out of oranges.
  3. Trixie_Coolamoon

    General If you could travel in time

    I'd like to visit the future to see what life is like then. I'd try not to let anything happen to me then because then the future could get messed up while I'm in the future which is a convoluted mess. I'd probably just go there alone.
  4. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    why have i been forsaken to such a fate
  5. Thoughts about the appropriate times to wear different types of hats? I personally prefer that the bowler and stovetop would be more appropriate at more formal events, while baseball caps and newsboy caps be reserved for more informal events.
  6. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I hate Rainbow Dash.
  7. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Episode Titles You'd Like to See

    I Always Feel Like Somepony's Watching Me
  8. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Ask The Elements of Freedom

    What are your favorite colors?
  9. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Ask a dumb person

    What is your favorite color?
  10. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Ask a dumb person

    What's your favorite banana?
  11. Trixie_Coolamoon

    My first and second attempt to draw a pony

    Improving is always possible! I believe in you.
  12. Trixie_Coolamoon

    My first and second attempt to draw a pony

    I personally think they both look okay. You have been prayed.
  13. Trixie_Coolamoon

    Ask a horse in shades

    Ask me some things. I like bananas, randomly flipping things in the air and catching it, and the feeling of closing 19 tabs after finishing a project.