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  1. Not really here all too much as it is, don't think I'll permanently leave but I can see myself not really using this site as much in the somewhat near future.
  2. Eurobeat Meta Knight's Revenge for some reason.
  3. I have anxiety problems and might have mild High Functioning Autism, but other than that I'm okay. My boyfriend on the other hand has manic depression that can get very extreme at times.
  4. Stolas

    Animation Long Gone Gulch

    Was going to reply to this earlier after I'd watched it, but whatever. Anyways, I watched it this morning and it's pretty good. Has a couple of issues like a 1-dimensional character or two, but other than that it was a pretty good pilot, probably 8/10 to 8.5/10 if I had to rate it. I heard about it back in 2019, was waiting for news on it and this morning bam there's a pilot. Definitely need more eyes on something like this, surprised it still has only 600k views.
  5. The pilot of Long Gone Gulch. It's pretty good.
  6. Watching the Long Gone Gulch Pilot. Pretty good, but not as good as Hazbin.
  7. Stolas

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    And now I've made my first political tweet. Thanks for p!$$ing me off so much, certain group of extremists.
  8. Stolas

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Getting upset about my hygiene not being particularly great isn't going to make it particularly great. May make it worse in fact.
  9. Getting a bowl of chili for myself.
  10. Stolas

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I certainly hope he didn't mean that.
  11. Stolas

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    That seems like a pretty reasonable punishment for somebody inciting a violent riot at the US capitol with the aim of insurrection.
  12. Wait a minute... I'm white! (Seriously though I don't feel privileged and I'm white)
  13. Because it's just plainly a better operating system than 10 even if it isn't up-to-date. Windows 10 likes to update all the time and really I only use it now because it won't get nuked by Microsoft because a 5 year old OS is clearly too old for them and they want everyone to buy W10 product keys. Also because Windows 7 support for games may wane in the near future thanks in part to Microsoft's abandon of it.
  14. I'm not romantically interested in females, and if the same held true for her she wouldn't be interested in males in that sense either. So we'd probably never date. Friends? Maybe.
  15. Pretty angry because Coursera stole $100 from my boyfriend.
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