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  1. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

    @Techno Universal been busy for a little while, but i'm back and doing requests again, hooray!
  2. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

    here's yours! ^^
  3. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

  4. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

    Mmhm~ Here it is!
  5. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

    Yeah, of course! Aaand yours is done, too!
  6. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

    Alright, yours is finished! ^^ I'm working on everybody else's right now~
  7. Request Shop Pixel OC Pones

    I'm quite new to these forums. Like... very new. And I love doing requests, but I have art block. And I've found that I absolutely adore doing these little pixel things to the point where I'll happily do them for free, so... here we go! By the way... regardless of the examples, these will not be animated. I just wanna practise. I can draw any pony oc, but never more than three in one picture, otherwise it'd just look cramped. (and some details of more complex characters might be lost in the simple style... so sorry in advance :c) I'd prefer to work from a visual reference, but a detailed written description is just as good! There's no limit to how many each person may order, so just go ahead! Examples;