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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. 1999 by Charli XCX, watched this video a few times in the last few days....the nostalgia thou!
  3. working on a New Lunar Republic Airlines repaint idea for Flight Sim / Prepar3D
  4. Curious to find others with an Aviation/ Flight Simulator interest.
  5. heard it the other day when I got lunch, been stuck in my head off an on for 3 days now....
  6. working on a repaint mod for American Truck Simulator, adding the company I work for. and listening to Spotify
  7. Hello everyone, just curious as to if there are any other truckers out there, been driving for 3 years, last 2.5 years been local, but now I'm going Western Regional, was OTR before my Local.
  8. You want healthcare, go get it, but I shouldn't have to pay for everyone else. Same with college, you want it, you pay it. I didnt want it and i make $65k a year, and I'm going to a job that base minimum guarenteed is 71k. So you dont HAVE to go to college to get a decent paying job. And guess what, good paying jobs also have decent healthcare. But again, I shouldn't have to pay for everyone else. And also I live in CA, I'm already taxed to death as it is.
  9. Most likely Trump, i right leaning, and in reality Trump is his own, he just had to run under one or the other. But i just dont like the way the Democratic party is going, very socialist, and take my money that i work hard for in "taxes" and give it to people that dont work, to illegals for full coverage healthcare, but i have to pay for mine. This free healthcare and free college...who is going to pay for it, if you think government your wrong, its us in taxes. And a government runned healthcare, scares me, look at the VA, they just basically drag their heels hoping veterans die, you really want that for everyone else! But the current lineup of Dems are either a HELL NO or I just never heard of them.
  10. Hey you watch your mouth about semi trucks, haha. Some trucks, especially the classic trucks, oh...they are so nice, sadly the truck I'm going to be driving will be pretty much new.... no character to them...
  11. Loneliness can be a hard thing to manage, depends on what is it that is causing that issue, I'm talking about the root of it not just the "I would like to be in a relationship" type. I currently have been struggling for a couple years now, and sadly I tried to coup with it in a wrong way. No not drugs or Alcohol, but work, I focused on work too much. I pulled overtime hours and days working 60+ hours a week at my job. Yes for my age I can say I'm doing pretty decent, but......the money still doesn't fix the issue. Sad thing is being a workaholic is like being an alcoholic when it comes to it only pushes the issue to the next day. Alot of us think we are doing something that is helping, but one day it wont work anymore. But luckily for me, my job also happens to be one of the things that help me when I'm down, driving. Driving gives me time to think about things and reassess my situation and yes, I'm almost 26, I never had a real relationship, I sleep with a life size plush so I can pretend I have someone, but.... I have a good paying job, I have a few good friends, a supportive family so it can very easily be worse, but its not and one day I can do it, I can find happiness, not today, but If I give up, it wont come so I must go on. Might have gone a little off topic, just started typing, haha.
  12. Currently with my parents, by choice, work was 11 miles away, no point in moving out solo, but soon I will be living in a truck, in about 2-3 weeks, again..... but ALOT better pay then before, its a Semi Truck if you didn't get it. lol Its like living in a small RV, except i get paid to travel, just sadly I dont get to pick the next visit spot
  13. Well....I'm a truck driver, Local, going Regional in about 2 weeks, so I would say, me and the road get along great, sadly though, its a lonely road, so its hard, especially if you dont have a significant other/ family/ friends that can back you which can make it alot easier. But, messaging my High School English teacher and telling him guess what, I can make money staring out a window, and there is a chance I make more! lol A road is just a piece of Blacktop, a car is just a chunk of metal and plastic, but together, opportunities can be made, things can be seen and experiences can be learned. Yes it sounds super cheesy, but once you venture out of your bubble, your life and your problems start to seem so small, and start to seem easier to manage and correct. And yes, you have ALOT of time to think about stuff on the road.