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    Vacaville, CA
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    Keep moving forward, no matter how bad it might be.
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    Music like EDM, Country and Heavy Rock, and now making my own music, mainly EDM, Playing Airsoft, working on my Jeep Project, Playing Video games on Xbox and PC, And Prepar3d ( flight simulator on PC)

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  1. Roughtek

    Best/worst region of the US.

    i used to drive cross country in a semi aka over the road, i enjoyed west coast, east coast was alright, but everything in the middle was boring and looked the same, I cant tell you how boring driving through endless desert and endless corn fields, no wonder they are nicknamed flyover states.
  2. Roughtek

    Your favorite Background Pony?

  3. been working alot lately, but finally got some time in to ride today, here is a pic with my horse, Breezy
  4. Roughtek

    Have you ever been pulled over by a cop!?

    Sketchy, You say it like they pull you over all the time, being pulled in for inspection because you drove for SWIFT doesn't count, and its not like you can get a speeding ticket on the highway why your truck has a governor on it. I've only been driving Class A for 2 years now, still haven't gotten a ticket for it, my last ticket was back in 2013 for going 80 on the freeway.
  5. Roughtek


    Hello, welcome to the group, and awesome art work by the way!
  6. reprogramming the Amber Warning lights on my truck
  7. Roughtek

    Do You Have a Style?

    Good, probably should of added a smile or something, lol
  8. Roughtek

    Do You Have a Style?

    For you, Yes
  9. Flying, because I cant afford to finish my Private Pilots License, money nor the time.
  10. Roughtek

    What was your first car?

    1997 Ford F-250 Extended cab long bed with the 460 motor, my wallet was hurting when i had that truck, still sad i got rid of it.
  11. Roughtek

    Do you like hard work?

    Do i like working 50+ hours a week, sometimes 6 days a week, no, but it pays the bills, and anything else that I want, so Sure
  12. Roughtek

    Are high school friendships meaningless?

    No, but I graduated in 2012, and i only talk to two people that i went to high school with
  13. Roughtek

    General Do you plan on getting married?

    one day, once I find someone that doesn't use me for money, let me say im not rich, i just know how to budget, until im in a relationship.
  14. Roughtek

    General Why did you choose your username?

    its my DJ / Music name