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  1. i do not much like Celestia episodes. but this one is the best Celestia get out of her princess side for a little. bet and feel a filly for ones.i do not know that what i see in this episode..
  2. when i watch was watching this episode in slow motion on youtube and i saw this and i laugh. i do not know why but it so funny.
  3. look before you sleep is my favorite season 1 episode because that when rarity x applejack is my OTP "One True Pairing"
  4. yes this is the Oshawott that i did in 2012. and if you do not like then i understand is bad and i feel bad about it. but if you like it.then that make me feel a little better.
  5. @Rikifive thanks and hi to you too.
  6. I love fluttershy ever since the 1st season episode 1 and i have a video why i like about her just click here if you want ---> warning vary old youtube video.
  7. @Nightfall Gloam good just listen to pony Radio.
  8. thanks you @Mirage and @shadowwarp940 for the nice welcome and i hope i make plenty of friends here.
  9. yeah i join mlp forums because i really do not know i just think is look cool and this website have ranks!.. anywho i hope i make friends and share my thoughts in here.