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  1. Sister tis most foalish to mock me in such a way. I think you are just sore at losing to me on rainbow road.
  2. Greetings Ponies. Today we keep the Windigo with the warmth of friendship. Let the magic of friendship flow through us all. Share your gifts given or received or just great hearths warming memories here.
  3. I desire to increase the fun! Show us thy Costumes on this most fun of Holidays!
  4. Good evening ponies. We are to celebrate Nightmare Nights and all the spookie festivities that it entail. Your Event ponies will be catching up on handing out delayed treats. But while we wait. Please share with me your favorite NMN movies to start off this glorious time of year.
  5. Good Evening My Loyal Subjects. As I am the Princess of the Night and protector of the dream relm I wanted to check in on how everypony is holding up. If you are scared. Feel lost. Or just need a late night gaming session with the best Princess. Just speak up. Shout your favorite memories in your best royal Canterlot voice. Share your favorite moments between me and my sister ( No spoilers ) Or just share your love of the night. But no matter what my little ponies remember this The community doesnt end until we say so and even if the wheels fall off Get out and PUSH.
  6. "Rest, my sister. As always, I will guard the night."
  7. Twas so close we could almost taste victory, thou art a worhy adversary Ser Quinch
  8. Huzzar! Luna takes the lead! this is fun, but better make it 3 rounds, our connection to this place grows thin
  9. you made it in time do not worry we're not exactly sure how this works, we hope we did it right 8. How many points do I recieve!?
  10. Did ... did it work? Is she back on the moon? Is everpony safe and home?
  12. @Nightmare Moon Show yourself! It is time your run here winds down and comes to an end. I am a merciful pony, yield now and return the souls you have trapped on the Moon and go back from whence you came and you will survive my wrath.
  13. we see you have the 100 candy for the arcade membership, so we don't see why not, this looks like.. fun
  14. at once, she shan't have it, we must thank thee for endangering thyself in order to come to us first