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  1. My little ponies Your princess of the night is please with your sharing of costumes and candies. But in some cultures this time of year we also remember those no with us any longer. So for more chance for awards share your favorite past adventures from the show or the community.
  2. My little ponies Your princess of the night is please with your sharing of costumes and candies. But in some cultures this time of year we also remember those no with us any longer. So for more chance for awards share your favorite past adventures from the show or the community.
  3. Greetings My Little Ponies. Your Princess will be granting royal guard badges to those who participate in NightMare Nights most wonderful activities. Share thy costumes. Share thy favorite candies. And be on the look out for other ways to take part.
  4. Sister tis most foalish to mock me in such a way. I think you are just sore at losing to me on rainbow road.
  5. Greetings Ponies. Today we keep the Windigo with the warmth of friendship. Let the magic of friendship flow through us all. Share your gifts given or received or just great hearths warming memories here.
  6. I desire to increase the fun! Show us thy Costumes on this most fun of Holidays!
  7. Good evening ponies. We are to celebrate Nightmare Nights and all the spookie festivities that it entail. Your Event ponies will be catching up on handing out delayed treats. But while we wait. Please share with me your favorite NMN movies to start off this glorious time of year.
  8. Good Evening My Loyal Subjects. As I am the Princess of the Night and protector of the dream relm I wanted to check in on how everypony is holding up. If you are scared. Feel lost. Or just need a late night gaming session with the best Princess. Just speak up. Shout your favorite memories in your best royal Canterlot voice. Share your favorite moments between me and my sister ( No spoilers ) Or just share your love of the night. But no matter what my little ponies remember this The community doesnt end until we say so and even if the wheels fall off Get out and PUSH.
  9. "Rest, my sister. As always, I will guard the night."
  10. Luna awoke with a start! Sleeping? Why was she sleeping? It was night still. Her mind felt exhausted as if after a long night of dream walking. It must have been the stress of the decision that her sister and her recently made. Life altering for many. For Tia, for Luna, for Equestria, and for Twilight. She slowly slid out of her bed and trotted to the window. She could feel the vague glimmer of unrest throughout the land, and something that was almost a sense of .... collective relief. Luna's thoughts once again wandered back to their plans. Were they, Celly and her, doing the proper thing? Was Twilight ready? Luna laughed at her own worries. Afterall .... Twilight had never ceased to surprise them .... and has never failed Equestria. Tomorrow was a huge day -- for everypony.
  11. It was magnificent. Fluttershy cobbled together a strange assortment of crazy to give them the final push in the battle. In all the chaos the minions who followed the Necromancer were tucking tail to feel. Though King Sombra appeared close to him. Grogar was saying something to him almost inaudible. Was the blue goat lord smiling? He was! Grogar was weakening, in a moment this would all be over, yet the blue devil was surprisingly calm. Strange ... In that moment Fluttershy roared a horrendous scream that contained a cacophony of every animal imaginable -- both combined and yet separately identifiable. Luna wondered why Discord never chose to unleash his full potential, even when the chips were down. Celestia was busy wrapping up the last group of their citizens. Pony of Shadows, Sommy, and even her lesser half were still in the zone. Luna would have been smiling if not for the sudden realization that Grogar's eyes fell upon her. He was smiling, almost beckoning. The fury within her started to bubble to the surface. She started casting her teleportation spell and throwing her right hoof forward at the same time .... he was finally weak enough .... she finished the spell just as she broke through the final barrier of Grogar's thoughts ... and she immediately regretted her decision but it was too late. NO! It was too late, the alicorn leader realized. The momentum and inertia carried her on as she emerged in front of Grogar and her shoed hoof connected directly with his bell, the source of his power. How had she missed it? She knew that something was amiss. She tried to prepare her mind, she had to remember all of what she learned ..... SHE HAD TO .... Equestria was NOT OUT OF DANGER .... not by a -- And it was done. The thoughts and regrets swirling through Luna's mind shattered into oblivion as the Dream Realm seemingly shifted around her. She could only make out the echoes of her own thoughts as they vanished into the ephemeral void of unconsciousness. "Equestria isn't prepared ..."
  12. Luna felt her anger boil. These were her friends, her allies, and her subjects. She had failed them before .... NOT NOW. The midnight princess lost count of how many ponies and creatures she shielded in a bubble to protect them and others from harm before teleporting them to another area. She used her ability to control the dream realms terrain to her advantage. Whatever was blocking her magic previously through these many moons seemed to lose its grip. She heard Somnambula call out to her, not with her ears, but through her mind. She was linked with the others, the side-effect of trying to pierce Grogar's mind. Thus far the only attempts to do so yielded images of a battle, the moon, the Tree of Harmony withered, students of Twilight's School bathed in light, and something else .... obscured .... but the edges shone through like the sun during an eclipse .... a bell? All of those flashed through her mind as she reached out to feel for Fluttershy. Luna halted mid air, almost colliding with a speeding Rainbow Dash. A combination of shock, confusion, and fear took brief hold .... and then a smile crossed her face. This .... THIS ... was going to be good. She saw Tirek, several stories high, dodging Celly while Applejack was trying her best to clear the way for her sister's powerful offensive spells. There wasn't enough time .... Luna called out one command .... "Everypony, clear the way .... NOW!" Her last word echoed in her loudest belting of the Canterlot voice. So loud that even the army of her friends stopped. The sky started to glow red and yellow. Grogar ... was about to lose and lose hard.
  13. Luna did not hesitate, nor did her sister. It was fleeting, but she felt Grogars conciousness. His emotions. To him this was a game. Luna new games better than most, and he felt no chance of loss here. In a game where there was a win condition and a possibility of a loss, a small amount of doubt exists. The doubt may manifest into care, but it is always there. No. Grogar did not care whether they succeeded or failed. Whatever this was, Luna had to end this now. She had been trying since this infernal dream began to end it, but something blocked her, She now felt that wall was weakening. Do not lay a hoof on anycreature we know to be our ally! Dodge, evade, but make progress. DO NOT HARM THEM, that goes for you Moon and Shadow! Push through and do what you can. And what is taking the yellow one so long?
  14. The Princess of the Night stood over the beaten former tyrant of the Crystal Empire, a unicorn responsible for much suffering. Luna still had no idea how or what Grogar had done, but this Sombra was no dream representation. No. He was real. He perished when the Crystal Heart was restored. Dead. How could be alive? Grogar started to chuckle, as if on cue. Luna set her sights on Grogar and shot one offenses beam toward the creature. A shield appeared in front of Grogar, blocking her blast. Nightmare Rarity stepped forward. A version of her innermost anguish that took one of the ponies that helped give her salvation. That pony, Rarity, was in the clutches of Grogar. You have not earned the right to exist Nightmare, not while I control even a small part of this realm.
  15. That child, is a telling statement. To you, a transfer of power would be by force. You would think we took them. I promise you that Twilight willingly gave up her Alicorn Magic. Grogar or not, this is MY REALM and this ends here and now. GROGAR TAKE YOU BEST SHOT GOAT!